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Moving to

Will be deleting this account when I've readied enough stuff to move things over. (Was gone 7ish years due to a bunch of reasons, mostly health, but things have calmed down now).
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This was an interesting experience... oddball program... anyways here's this one while I try to figure out this program for next time.

Didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would.
This is the first time in my entire life that I have ever wished that I was a girl. Damn, you're too cute...

lol The comic gods may have answered your prayers before you even had them, haha. friday a page will automatically add itself in, (two if you include the filler) and im working on sketching the next page. should all go well, i might even update EVERY friday, not just every second. considering i god an extra, a page, and 10% of another page done in like... 2 days. i has tomorrow off too, i could get really ahead of myself lol. i missed having this much free time.
Cutest. Scene. EVHAR.
Changing the format of the page names to ChapterName#(PageNumber):PageName:. The added page name should make it easier later, when I have like... 100 pages and someone doesn't remember where they left off. XD
Basically, I tried out this one program for someone once called I’m going to play with that and see what all I can do with it. The family situation is better, and even if I have to resort to uploading sketches, I probably will. I’ve decided I like my sketchiness and I won’t continue to train myself out of it – rather, I shall embrace it as a part of me. I likes it. Page 3 will suck as it will be a quick complete traditional, page 4 you’ll start seeing the effects of this nonsense. Until then, I hope you enjoyed Kira with short hair~

Next page will be in an hour from this post.
"I would give up women forever if I could have that old man." That is the worst thing I've ever said out loud in front of my younger brother.
@Amante: Lol thanks, but the screen tone didn't turn out right at all. What do you think about it?
dammit, now I gotta wait! FFF. /thedownsidetobeingupdatedquickly

...nice ass though. 0w0
Tone Topic
instead of frustrating myself not being able to upload one page, the first few pages might be toned differently until I settle into something. this way, I actually upload stuff, even of it gets weird for you guys.

Sorry I took so long. I'll work hard in the new year once the holiday rush dies, and I'll be asking for every Friday off. id I get that, I MIGHT be able to get a page up every week - which would be awesome. Until then, it's just once every two weeks.
"Oh, believe me," might work a bit better than "You can believe me" that that might depend on characterization. Well, that might be enough criticism from me for now, I'm going to go eat something. Hopefully some of my pointers help ya~
"Nobody from the crew would hurt you." might be a better wording for that sentence, and in the next bubble, maybe try putting a period after the word "that". it would chop the sentence into two that don't sound weird when spoken out loud.
for the last bubble it feels like she should say "Yer probably pretty hungry" instead of "you might be very hungry". the word "might" just feels unfitting for the situation.
heads up, panel the one boob is bigger than the other. yes, im a pervert, but that's what you get for drawing a sexy character lol
in the last bubble its normally said "..then so be it!". not sure why the word "so" is usually used there, but it definitely fits better and might flow better too.
"Would you rather join.." you have "rather" misspelled there, and she doesn't seem like the type of pirate to do that. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but it's a bit unfitting
I just realized what your missing. Sound effects. o.o its still good without them though.

I like the ruffles though o.o
Theres normally a comma and not a period before the word "yet" as it usually strings sentences together.

and then when the one guy goes to say he's have them hanged, he should normally say "I would have every one of those criminals hanged!", just to be a bit stronger about it.

i keep forgetting how cute her face is though lol~
Okay! I said 'd throw a few editing ideas at ya when i go to re-read your comic. There's various ways to do some things, but I'll just bring up a thought or two. for this page:

Normally for a situation like this, a butler would say "I've finally caught up with you!" and would probably mention her name at "Please. don't leave my side Mary. You might get lost in the crowd again..."

This is fun reading through a third time though~ X3
Until now, I cared little for Cain... but that was ADORKABLE. "Who says I'm not insane?" DAWWW~ XD