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atomic bunny
LIKES: horror movies and shows, anime, cartoons, people that draw differnt.
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    Cali Smith
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keep up the good work!
oooh now it's getting sexy
Hm! I wonder what's gonna happen? Oh poor Bo! I hope his heart isn't going to get broken!
what's in a name
how funny! Camilo is my brother's name!!! and yeah! we're Columbian!!!! hah! awsome! also it's the name of Columbian drink mix, very yummy it's like coco
yeah i know the feeling of forgetting something you use to do or did all the time
i swear you are just cleaver and funny!!!!
wow your character style is soooooooooo cool
this page is fine, it's just i got a little throwen off when you had that new male character moe, waz wondering who he was
awsome page! yes!
ew indeed
ew that is gross wyomchilds are icky
so Rad indeed
i like Bailey's squishy angery faces
Jiro is a cutie ain't he
so Rad indeed
Aaaaaaaaaah! he said "rad" again! i don't know why i love that word, it seriously needs to come back! it's been like 20 yr. heh Xin is so cool and Bailey too
heh hey there is nothing wrong wit talking smack about your own people ^^ i do it all the time
hah hah! holy shit that really made me LOL, bailey is such a cutie!
i love how this page has simple drawen panels but when you get to the panle wit skye thinking it's all mad detailed and stuff! brillient
hah! he said "so rad" i think i like Xin already, he seems like the type of dude to make lame stuff cool
so far all i've seen is beautiful art work for each page! very cool
so naughty
hah! Bo has a cute lil booty! oh man your soooooooooooooo naughty!
cool color is far i am enjoying your far yours is the only one wit good drawings, story line...and dialog....^_^