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I play video games, especially in the Mega Man and Sonic genre as well as others that are very similar.

I draw, of course. Just not as often as I should due to art block. Nothing I produce is the way I want it to look at the moment.
I apologize!
Hey guys! I apologize for the inactivity! I will try to update this comic again. It has been pretty much 5 years since the last update and I'm sorry but that was because I was in school (and I still am, just overtime). This is just a random piece I drew of Janis a few months ago in some kind of provocative but "cute" outfit I guess. \

I do sincerely apologize if it's a bit different. I haven't touched it in years, remember? ;u;
Here, Janis turns to open the curtains as he insisted during Lionel's breakfast. Lionel is caught off guard at how Janis opened the curtains. Janis, too, felt the same, but only because he noticed something strange, yet familiar.

(Not bad with the perspective, eh?)
Yeah, so after about over 3 months, here is another page to my White Rabbit comic. Like I said, I'm not good at comics even though I have a book about at least the manga aspect of organization.D:

Anyway, Janis finally opens the lid to reveal Lionel's favorite breakfast, the "Peach Pancake Supreme". Lionel also eats his first slice.
It's been ages since I uploaded another one of my comic pages... I drew this one a long time ago but never uploaded it until now.X3

It's supposed to look suggestive if that's what you thought at a glance...
Back at the mansion, Janis delivers Lio's breakfast just as he demanded.

XD I tried to find a respectable angle of the location Lio and Janis were in the mansion without going in first. it's the balcony above the forest-like garden (that I should really make up a name for).

As always, I use Photoshop to clean it up and use Sai for the water brush tool shading.X3

Janis notices that Lio called him by his last name, Roquefort, rather than his first name earlier that morning. It is possible to assume that Lio does that whenever he makes demands to a certain extent.;3

Oh, and those are short-distance steps...
The mysterious boy eats a peach straight off the peach tree in the garden. He gets a little sleepy so he just finds a spot to rest in the bushes...X3

(sorry for any anatomical errors...)
"The mysterious boy" catches a sweet smell and follows it to a blooming flower bush...

I tried to make him stoop or squat (whatever...) in the third panel.
This is the real..."footage" of the mysterious boy no matter how repetitive you all may think it is... Yeah, he is supposed to be skipping...but I failed and made him trot somewhat.XD

Oh, he is supposed to be humming and giggling while walking around the forest-like garden.;3
Just so you know, Lio is not making any sense on purpose. Janis doesn't seem to notice, however, that there is something that his master dislikes about the dream...

(Janis is half-dressed...not naked...;3)

Now, on to the next scene!8D

Oh, yeah. It's looking a lot better, I think.:3
Yep, so this is when Janis describes to his master, Lio, about his dream. Lio considers it an "excuse" for Janis' sleeping-in.

He didn't reach the details yet... (just imagine that hose things Janis mentioned ARE red!)

(more laziness...halfway decent work and an interesting story marks at least some potential for a good comic, eh?)

*I'm happy to have received 60+ fans in just a few days. I feel kinda bad since I don't put a lot of time in each page though. I hope you guys continue to enjoy my comics!:3 (P.S. I'll add some naughty bits soon...these pages are to help create the story.;3)
Sheer laziness...XD Not much detail here...

Yeah, but this is when Janis begins to finally get the attention of Lio while in a fit... Lio also kinda admits something,
<Read from Left to Right>

Lio calls Janis to wake him up from his sleep. Janis sleeps in but...

Hehe, I forgot to mention. This comic will be either drawn digitally or traditionally. I don't have much experience with comic book making but I hope to get better at it soon since it's been about 5 years... Please pardon the composition of each panel etc.!
Yep, it's looking a bit better... (I hope my pages aren't too big...)

But yeah, this is where the mysterious boy acts like the viewer has his attention and smiles...
Will edit when I see fit... Ru--I mean the "mysterious boy" is eating a peach from the peach tree.
A cover page option. I am aware that it's very sketchy. I will draw more pages like this as substitute cover pages for it with the other two characters, Rune and Lio. I'm not in the wrong since all three of these characters ARE white rabbits after all.X3