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I'm a 25yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual...
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They're on a trip to the Antarctic for summer research programme where they'll enjoy the polar night and get away from the midnight sun.

How do you guys cope with that?
Maybe they should show each other what else they can suck on.
Teenager? Dude is 19 yo. Dude is an adult... even though strictly speaking teenage years are up to 20 but still... adult.
Everyone be leaving SJ. Out of interest do you know what site you'll be updating to? Not a personal dig at you but I don't really want another app on my phone (limited space, 16Gb sucks) so as long as I can access it through the browser.

How predictable a pair up though XD I wonder how much work they won't get done outside of the classroom hehee.
"But... where will he sleep. Can't sleep on the sofa cos that'd be obvious. He'll have to share my bed, oh man sharing a bed with another dude. Can't remember the last time that happened..."

April 15th, 2018
I see that bulge in those pants.

Nice excuse though. "We got boners now, can't walk in public and I know a way to get rid of them"
It's Alaska. Basements are cold places as it is. That basement would be inhospitably cold. Let him camp in the bedroom or something
Sorry to hear that. Hope it gets better soon.
Kim could've just walked away at any moment... but no... he decided to make use of his hard dick and get some action for the first time in years.

Oh. He's not one of those "sex should only happen in a relationship" people is he?
Some pretty scratching on the back there. You know it's been good sex when your back has been clawed out. Brynn confirmed as a secret werewolf.
"I've been wondering Luca. Since you're created, do you have genitalia? Cos you're cute and I've not had anyway in awhile"


Since they are created, what happens if one is natural born?
I like Drew's hair
Jfc Avery. Protective.

And don't worry. You deserve a break. 4 years updating, virtually non-stop, taking time to reply to fan comments. Take what time you need. All the best with your new job.
You better not kill him. Where else will we get this trademark butt?
Rrrrrrrroll Credits :P
Doubt he regrets it, just thinks it's awkward doing it with someone who's meant to be there as punishment and who's working for him. Working through personal conflict.

Only way to fix it is more sex and accept it. :P
Hope he's not guilting Max to staying.

Them bite marks though.
He's turning into quite the masochist... I'm not totally convinced he isn't completely asleep.
Confirmed. Richey is a cleaner for the local gangs.

I'm sure Avery knows how to get Owen on side, though tbh I doubt Owen would be opposed anyway.
April 1st, 2018
Best of luck. Love you too <3