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I'm a 25yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual...
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So maybe his sister isn't well which might explain the attention his sister gets but this kid is going to grow up with a lot of resentment and jealousy like this.

Like... I know an ill kid will need care and attention but Jura has needs too.
Is someone back for more?
"Got our backs"?

Kylee would be following you all straight to jail if Kim busted em.
Have they considered polyamory?

Because clearly all three have a thing for each other... but cheating like this is bad.

He's already leaning.
So I can't blame him for having sexual desires when he's hardly gotten any but...

C'mon Avery, you're in a relationship with Cal. Going behind his back like that isn't fair.
Nothing wrong with wanting to feel loved and wanted. Life can be lonely without someone you connect with.

I can see a pattern emerging from his mum straight away.
What's stopping em now? Morning sex can be a great way to wake up... and someone at least is being affectionate.
January 11th, 2019
Awww that smile on his face.
This can only go badly.

Especially when Kylie sneaks back into the house at 6am tired, stoned and smelling of weed.
Has Avery discovered a voyeur kink?

Also that guy seems better than his previous clients.
@Biscuit: Yeah I was a bit confused when I first got the email cos I didn't think I was subscribed to them XD

Would explain why I was confused by that gap because I didn't see 668 and 669 lol.
@Biscuit: I did but since then I upgraded tiers and that post is now locked from me... every other post is showing fine.
Couldn't resist huh??? Though... I'm surprised anyone could manage it there. It's not exactly a clean back alley.


Side note: My Patreon went a bit weird. I'm on the $5 tier yet it ain't showing me page 670. I'm logged in, it's showing me all the others yet that one says "Join now for $1 per creation"
@Biscuit: I forgot about that. It's been a recurring concern I've had about him through this comic lmao
I really do hope he gets tested often and has protection.
January 4th, 2019
Kali ma. Kali ma! KALI MA!

Dragon hearts look cool
Wouldn't have guessed they're siblings.
Glad he managed to stop himself from making a mistake he'd regret deeply.
Who doesn't want their bowels filled with divine seed...