I'm a 25yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual...
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"2nd place in most of them" he says whilst a big gleaming medal that says 1st on it
That bulge is huge XD
This news could've waited until after they had finished I'm sure.
"That's why I'm training"
"Obviously she's not training me"

If Avery put two and two together, plus Cal seeing Will, either Will is "training" him or Will is training him... though I'm sure a multinational corporation would prefer a degree from and Oxbridge uni.

Not sure why Cal can't give a straight answer though but then if Avery tried a more considerate and calmer approach he'd have got further than this.
Someone's lost their filter lol
That arm muscle. Is he flexing because of Swen being called athletic? XD
Pfft. The face lighting up at the prospect of chatting up and bedding Wes lmao
Lmao. Missed his mouth. *gulp* tho
July 20th, 2017
"What are you my dad?"

Oh come on now Trent. Don't act like he hasn't become a father figure for you. You live in his house, help with housework, gotten more help and support in your life than ever before. XD
Does Avery have some kinda vendetta against doors?

I dare Owen to try that a third time, because no doubt he'll wake up wondering how he got a black eye.

I think Cal has had enough to drink, as tempting as alcohol is to change a low mood.

Vote Joey on account of him being the only one acting logical rn.
July 19th, 2017
Sai, just adopt the kid already... you can adopt adults right?
Finger you in your bag hehe.
Aki you adorable drunken doofus. I hope it doesn't cause too much conflict in Hisawa.

Even though Aki is three sheets to the wind I'm surprised he can't atleast tell some difference. Like, size... voice... hair colour... hair length...
Let the guy answer "Do what?" first.

Also good luck with the con Mads. Have a good time.
Ah... nice to see them being safe and smart XD
TBF he's got plenty of time to get used to this.
Dylan's face is completely serious. I don't think he's joking. XD
Rather he's thinking "If I date you it would hurt my mum"
William, William it was reaeeaalllly nothing...

I hope for the sake of Avery there is nothing more between the two but tbf neither seemed actually serious about anything. Maybe it will put things in perspective for him.
That dick is fucking huge. Yet no fear lmao