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I mean, ok sure confronting him about whatever is bothering him is needed.

I'm not sure grabbing and pinning him is the right way to do it guys.

Given it's his house and it's a break of trust.

I agree with Joe's body language.
Hmm... fisting. He'll either be traumatised or discover something new.

Is there a D coming or you teasing us with these angles XD
November 19th, 2017
What in the absolute fuck?
Come on now. She's good looking. She can find someone who loves her. She just needs to get over her clingy, stalker, delusional erotomanic "If I can't have you, no one can" tendencies.

He hasn't abandoned her, she pushed him away.
Beating but how quick? Just cos he's still breathing and his heart is beating doesn't necessarily mean enough oxygen is circulating. Humans can deal with a good amount of blood loss before we notice it (about 15% give or take), since we replenish it but there is a point where it can still cause oxygen deprivation.

Fortunately for him the wound is small enough to prevent any further loss but at the same time, Dylan needs treatment. I hope Joa knows how to deal with hypovolemia because there's a real chance Dylan could enter shock and find his life in critical danger.

Won't be surprised if Dylan asks for some space afterwards.
Joa better do the right thing, keep calm, nurse him back to health, apologise profoundly and give Dylan space if he needs it. Breaking trust like that is a huge no no.
Avery's face fourth panel though.

Anwen, stop possessing Richie... as fun as it is. I wonder if that pigeon is flying around somewhere in there too.

Wonder what sweets they're eating. Look like wine gums? Fruit pastilles? Jelly beans? Man I haven't had a pick'n'mix in yeeearrs.
Kim to the rescue. Kylee looks shook though.
I think of all the housemates, Reece knows the most
November 16th, 2017

Lajos will dump Kei there, forget about him, leave him to turn out like Moira, at which point he's then got a royally pissed Kei/Nazar to deal with. Someone needs to introduce job rotation to this lot...
And here I was thinking you were younger than 15 :P

Put a silly answer on a survey or questionnaire and I'd almost be certain to pick it.

Also he's gonna make a mess of his shirt. Take it off.
Fryups are nice. Logan's gonna feel so spoiled now. XD
"Since"... he used to do it before though :P

Also he stretched pretty well. I could just stare at Arco's arms.

Enjoy con. Unfortunately I can't attend, what with being t'other side of the Atlantic and all but hope you have fun and all that and see some of the city sights too. XD
Nothing to say Reece? Hiding something? Does Reece know what's going on? Because he seems to know more than he lets on half the time.

Sounds like he's been abused or targeted. :(

He is gonna come back isn't he? He's not gonna try something silly and jump off a bridge or something is he? :(
This page is arms and strength and then Herz is just naaaaaah.

Could just stay there and be naked with him but nah...

Though I recommend Google translate for that phone.
November 13th, 2017
Hiding is a reasonable thing to do when someone just walks into your house uninvited.
November 13th, 2017
Me every time my housemates GF stays over
Don't worry about it. Life shit needs sorting out.

Also I'm not sure Logan would've appreciated waking up in vom stained clothes. He's just looking for an excuse to shout at Brian and Bri is more than amused XD
November 13th, 2017
Come on Dake... one kiss and you know where that quickly leads.

Can't blame Tommy for going for it though. He saw an opportunity and went for it.

Though at first I didn't think Dake was gonna invite Tommy in and when they both live there XD
November 12th, 2017
Lajos, you saw what this job did to Moira, don't do it to Kei. Nazar won't stand for it.

Lajos seems intent on making new enemies right now.