I'm a 25yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual...
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Aww he's treating him to breakfast in bed.
In Luca's defence, I do exactly the same thing when someone does that to me... even though I don't know where their hand has been... stops them from doing it again though XD
Please... like Bailey couldn't take them in a fight and add some of that sensitivity to their faces.
18 hours ago
Dude don't try petting feral cats. Don't know if they're carrying anything.

And you've done a good job of drawing them.
18 hours ago
Three updates? You spoil us rotten XD

I've been in houses that stink of dog. God knows what that stinks of. Place seems worse than last time we saw it.
I mean, clearing up empty wine bottles isn't really what a kid should be doing.

As much as I don't want to see Jack led down a path of crime, though it's gonna happen anyway unless proactive retconning is a thing, either Kay should be shut out of his life or his mum and Jack should try and get Kay out of being delinquent as he is. Cold shouldering like that would probably push him worse, if that's a thing.

Either way did Kay just let himself in or did his mum just let him in?
First panel honestly thought Takashi had grown a beard pmsl
He's just jealous cos he wants to be up close grinding Kylee and teaching him how to horse.
To which the logical response would not be "Oh yeah, so... what do you think about his wings"
June 21st, 2017
As much as I want Jaren to believe he'd stick to that attitude, the guy can be a bit hot headed and reactive at times. Trent seems to agree judging by that facial expression.
Given how Jack and Kay slipped into the life they did, I'm not sure Jack managed to change things... though he does seem a bit shocked at the possibility of being put into a foster home.

Plus no prisons as such, but there are Youth Offenders Institutions and Secure Children's Homes, which aim at providing more support from what I gather, promoting rehabilitation rather than punishment but are the age-equiv of prison. That said, Jack is probably below the age of criminal responsibility at this point so it'll be his mum who gets the punishment like that. Jack will just be removed into care.

That said, and probably the stress of everything building up (she seems an alcoholic or has that dependency since she almost always seems to be drinking), she shouldn't shout like that. I know Kay is being a bad influence but sometimes people lack sympathy/empathy. I'm not sure anyone is born bad, I'd hate to think like that because it can lead to dangerous societal situations (think akin to eugenics, etc) but Kay needs the change of situation.

She doesn't seem neglectful through intent, and she cares. Just a victim of circumstance more than anything.

Wow... did not mean to write an essay on that lmao. Sorry about that Biscuit.
I'm hoping that released a lot of pent up emotions and will not be regretted in the end.
Bailey gotta get his exhibitionism and public display of affections tuned.
June 20th, 2017
If it's not really safe then I'm sure Jaren would be more willing to go along to make sure Trent remains safe since Jaren is very protective if not a little bit overbearing too.
Hendrix's face tho

Love it
Aww... he's a happy-go-lucky drunk?

He's also a lightweight lol
June 19th, 2017
As though it should matter what a cocksucker he is...
June 18th, 2017
Good answer. Proud of the lad.
That rope better not be for what I think it might be for.
Most would've tapped it as well. The rest of us would've smacked it lol

Surprisingly comfortable though? Hmm, I wonder if Dylan might have discovered a kink for wearing lingerie. I know your comic doesn't dwell too much on that side of things but still... can't help but let my mind wander. XD