Real Name: Ash
Age: 22
Gender: Male

About Me

I'm an introverted (INTP according to one of those personality things) 22yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual/pansexual... well maybe more towards the gay end of the spectrum in that regard though (yes we actually exist :P)... 4 on a Kinsey Scale if that test is to be believed.

I like anime, manga and have several favourite comics on here (most of them Yaoi/BL, though some het may leak in depending, though I'm not a big fan of Yuri/gl... they've never really been much of a turn on for me).

I sometimes make bad things, bad poetry mostly. I'm sure something good will sneak through at some point, but meh. Fuck it if it's bad. Only way you'll improve.

Recent Comments

Comment on Worlds Apart Page 83 of Worlds Apart Comic
Quadrant, 28 Jul 2014 05:27 pm
Alan better be there with an apology and a different approach. Hmm... considering that Avery isn't out yet, wonder if that hand hovering near the crotch is going to catch attention. Last thing Avery needs right now is drama from a protective brother.

People to see, places to be? Why do I get the impression he's involved in crime or drugs?
Comment on 1503 of One Rainy Day
Quadrant, 28 Jul 2014 05:21 pm
I know Kaidou is a bodyguard and employed by Ryuuta's family but this guy seems to be getting to friendly and familiar with Kaidou. The cynical sceptic in me says that he's after something. The trustworthy non-judgemental in me says he's just friendly when not drunk, I'm sure Kaidou has been in that situation before with Ryuuta and his family when he was much younger XD.

Cynical sceptic is winning though. I just can't seem to feel him trustworthy (probably because he's a big businessman). He's either after trying to employ Kaidou or he's pulling a social engineering trick to try and get some insider info.

Aki seems to be happy at work. Just another day in his mind. His day is going to get a lot worse isn't it. I'm awaiting the call from the manager to see him in his office. :(
Comment on Dedication of Not yours, am I?
Quadrant, 28 Jul 2014 11:24 am
Sorry to hear about your loss. Offer my condolences. Hope you're holding up fine.
Comment on 5.16 of Sunfall
Quadrant, 28 Jul 2014 09:24 am
Unless someone is in to tentacle stuff (I personally don't find tenta hot), can understand why they might be creeped out though the nonsexual potential of shooting vines out your hand cannot be understated.

Wouldn't mind seeing Da Xia taking Kei clothes shopping though. That might be fun to watch. Wonder what face Moira will pull if she sees Kei stroll in with sudden style XD
Comment on 9-17 of Optical Disarray
Quadrant, 28 Jul 2014 09:17 am
Stop. Your mouth is running off without its brain. XD

Owes Devon an apology for the horrendous mix up though.
Comment on Vol.1 Page 44 of The Price of Happiness
Quadrant, 28 Jul 2014 09:11 am
Awaits the "unless we can come to some other sort of arrangement" line :P
Comment on Chapter 01 -- Page 13 of Maiden Online
Quadrant, 28 Jul 2014 09:08 am
What a twist. No doubt his dad will be supportive of the budding little hero XD
Comment on Panacea ch 07 pg 19 of Panacea
Quadrant, 27 Jul 2014 11:41 pm
Hostile much Caelen? I'm sure the guy has absolutely no ulterior motives whatsoever at all and if he did have the teeniest hint of ulterior motive then I'm absolutely almost certainly positive that Sairys perhaps might have maybe come to your aid anyway if ever needed.

Even then poor little Caelen was startled by him. Guess he doesn't like being touched by unknowns.
Comment on Bonus 2-7 of Inhibition
Quadrant, 27 Jul 2014 09:33 pm
Well... it's different to see sex positive parents. Raises quite a few questions... like how much will they promote safe sex (like they buy him lube and condoms) and how would they react if they heard the... noises. Like will they just tell them to keep it quiet but not stop, or just be slightly and strangely proud that their son is doing a good job or what? XD
Comment on Chapter 7 page 326 of Transfusions
Quadrant, 27 Jul 2014 08:21 pm
Yeah... where is Joa? Dylan looks completely bored without him. Not freaking out drunk people in the toilets with his lack of reflection is he?

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