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I'm a 25yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual...
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Well done guys. Jura has three quarters of two arms, shock and trauma and he's also now naked. Better hope Lunge saved it.
He's so used to not being cared about :(
Jack just wades in like "Hands off, he's mine"

Also there's a long haired person in the first panel. That doesn't happen to be one of the cultists from before does it?

Will Ave even counter cultists here? I mean, people seem to be easily drawn to him.
July 17th, 2019
But they are gonna fuck right? 😋😂
"That club last week."

I know where this is going.

Also because I've read ahead on Patreon lmao

I love his peppy innocent smile. But damn Ave just makes me perpetually facepalm
July 14th, 2019
Oh snap.

Falling Lands will run itself? Hidakul for King of the Falling Lands!
"Alright hang on... Lemme just finish my mug of tea"
He looks so tired and stressed.
Wonder if Jack has a good bod under all those clothes.
I just think Kylee is more YOLO than that. Or more perhaps maybe that he just doesn't care about life and death
Sairys is such a brat inside.
Awwww they flustered Jack.

He getting plenty of glances
@I likea his haira: I'm not sure it's necessary to show the entire scene either tbh
@Biscuit: Well he's being a dumbass again
It may be the rest of Maxwell's life but he's right. Ave can't hack this forever.
"And don't forget Lunge, IF YOU SEE AN ARM IT'S JURA'S!"
Could put them in author comments on each page maybe?

Mind manipulation? Richey can do that? I thought he could just pop heads. Avery's powers are physical, whereas Richey has telekinesis? Does Richey come at least with an indestructible body?
@Biscuit: TBH in all honest the majority of people would be the same. Obviously help out when they're around (without drawing too much attention to themselves) but for the most part I'd just use powers like that to make life comfortable for myself.
July 4th, 2019
Does that make Nia almighty god of time and space now? Reckon she can undo some of the death that's happened? After all... Lajos did kinda get smooshed

Also Draco might want to put that gun away now.
I'm glad his blackness keeps him free from diseases and that because I don't trust a single one of them not to be clean.

Man that'd be a useful skill. Teleportation. Is he really a hero though? Because he seems to be going through the stages of antihero to potential villain at this rate.

I don't expect Maxwell to change at any part of this journey. Can't always change abusive pricks.