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I'm a 25yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual...
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Has someone told Eila that Tommy already has a fancomic being made about them? :P
So often alcohol is a remedy in this house XD

I'm a bit surprised Cal actually managed to get dressed and not just stay in his PJs.
So they were fucking for a very long time huh? :P
I don't recall seeing that on Patreon :P

He seems to be enjoying himself. I'm a lil bit envious of Owen's stamina at least.
Glad to see Owen has been responsible enough to use a condom there
Jeez Ave, way to care for Callum huh? Think no one else in the house won't notice him screwing around? It's pretty damn obvious.
Straight up just trying to kill a guy there Dane.
March 1st, 2019
Is she Order?
Who put the toilet roll on the holder the wrong way round?

It dangles over, not under.
Good lad
He better turn his butt around and sit back down. He's needed to talk to someone ever since he got there.

Though, good to see some where does good mental health stuff. The campus doctors here has gotten hypercompetitive to see and are useless at mental health. Friend of mine has to wait until 9th of March for her appointment.
February 21st, 2019
Still a poor bab.
I'm convinced that Richie is a cleaner for some London mob at this rate.
Makes me wonder if Richey has lied his way out of deep shit before xD
February 17th, 2019
Dying isn't allowed. You'll legally required to swim back. on a serious note, enjoy your trip.

Also I believe Ol Granpappy Spacetime kinda asked for the same... I think everyone else established that ain't an option.
February 17th, 2019
I mean... If i know Tommy, he literally meant he wanted Dake to suck on his toes.
He's sleeping with Owen to unleash some pent up feelings.

Then he says he shouldn't have done it.

Now he blows up in his face because as much as he'd hate to admit it, Owen's right... because I kinda believe Owen is speaking from experience rather than what he's observed.

Avery really needs to seek counselling. In fact, most of this house needs therapy.
February 15th, 2019
We should totally discuss the creeper shaman.
"Big Dick swinging"... just wait until Kimrick hears all that commotion and walks in. Then he'll know what a big dick is.

Also... that cigarette better not cause a fire.