I'm a 25yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual...
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Don't think he'll sleep well tonight. I expect instead he'll be up all night going over it in his head.
20 hours ago
I wanna take Sai home and hug him.

As mixed as those peas and carrots are I wonder if Jaren and Sai can unravel them. They might not quite get along with each other but they might be able to help each other sort inner feelings. Especially since Sai is full of conflicts. Gonna have to learn to live with your father-in-law at least
So she's transgender? Or was she questioning or genderfluid? Probably doesn't matter in too much detail but you got me wondering about representation and diversity.

Either way good advice. Better listen to her because none of that means that Bailey doesn't like him less.
2 days ago
He's disappointed he's an idiot? He's a loveable idiot.
Owen needs to work on his negotiation skills. Best way to get her out of there is not to drag her by her hair into a car. That's just looking like an abusive control freak. If anything what he's done has just pushed her away.

In fact he seems bit of a prick to his sister in all honesty.
If both couples are interested in gaming then yes. It's what couples do.

Good luck with the essays. Hope the time and stress is rewarded.
He's gonna get completely wasted isn't he?

Actually, has he? In all the 1700+ pages I can't remember TBH.

Laugh if it was his first heavy drinking session and he drank them all under the table. XD
May 22nd, 2017
Is it the jacket?

I mean, I second sexy lingerie, but is it the jacket?
...but evidently not.

Logan is 18 though right? Wouldn't he be doing exams and finishing school soon? No doubt he'll be off to college/university or something? Time to get Brian back with her, clear their heads and all that?
I would've thought Logan being the mummy's boy would be happy at that...
May 21st, 2017
He didn't say he wanted to be around her. Just wanted honesty.
@raephium: Not that it's a 100% substitute but masturbation should help.

Mind you isn't Reece quite happy to jump into bed with him? I'm sure Reece has put out since.
Put it down to nerves... IDK...

Or talk to him about it... discuss things with your BF if you're both serious.
Owen dude. You gotta find an outlet for your rage.
If that wouldn't get Kim jealous XD
Oh please. If Arco got kicked out he'd either drag Brynn with him or Brynn would follow him anyway XD
Uh-oh... his filter isn't working. Mine does the same when I'm drunk. I tend to get chatty and giddy.

Though a not-drunken Gannet wouldn't have said birds... but meh. Where the hell is Bailey anyway? He didn't drive home did he?
Come Ave, be fair... for the first punch in his life that was a good hit.
He's pissed and gonna get pissed. He should chase after Bailey and drag him back. He's obviously a bit uncomfortable and anxious and probably feeling regret and shitty for not being able to be a good boyfriend in public. Addie would be grateful too.

I'm actually a bit concerned about him getting drunk, forgetting his wings are real and kinda moving them.