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I'm a 25yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual...
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July 16th, 2018
Is it normal for Horus to just rummage through people's bedrooms?
Mayve cycle where you're supposed to instead of all over the road.

I live in Lincoln at the moment, cars don't obey the rules, cyclists don't obey the rules, and there's a T-junction with a pedestrian crossing and the pedestrians don't obey the rules.

We should abolish roads... where we're going, we don't need roads.
"Everything I put in my mouth turns to ash"

*Immediately proceeds to kiss him, open lips*
Well... how Drew sees it, Commandad ain't wrong... sadly.

It's skin, not a quilt... and Drew doesn't look like he's sewed a hole in a sock in his life let alone a hole in someone's body. XD

Even when Commandad picks up a bit of English, or Drew picks up Bastil language (can we call it Bastilian? Like Castilian, but with B?), Drew will still be Small won't he?
Commandad: *Goes from 100% gonna end Drew to 100% GFDI Luca*

Omg he looks so pleased, beaming, happy.

He apologising because he can only dry orgasm?
God that guy on the right, the smuggest prick face I've seen in comic. I want to wipe it off.
So much more keeping it quiet.

Also, that's a big drop but I'm sure you'll get it back. I'll stick around.
Never heard someone moaning about how loud a bog flushes. Unless this is Jack's businessman-crime lord tactics to get the price lowered.

Also stop looking so done with everything.
Pick up Drooo..... Or Chloe
Welcome back Biscuit. It's lovely seeing you again. Hope you've been well.

Someone looking at investments??? Alongside that one tab of Candy Crush he has open. :P

Also the person at the bar has pants that are clearly to big and baggy for em.
Protective. He he's injured and got no chance.

Tho. In a fair and balanced fight with these two at full strength... how would it go? Would Luca there stand a chance or would the poor squirt get flattened?
"He's my guinea pig!"

Why don't they ever just ask the people? Cos I'm sure a lot of people would actually say yes to being abducted. I mean, he said himself... they abduct people with little to live for.
Welcome back.


Tip toes. Cute.
I must've missed this Daft Punk song. How can Joa not go through the early 00s not encountering Discovery.

Stroke it, Suck it
Lick it, Kiss it
Harder, better,
faster, longer

Mark it harder, suck it better
Stroke it faster, kiss it longer
Easy... you let your mouth do all the work.
Omitting a bit much there
Kimricks dick bothered his legs by proxy