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I'm a 25yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual...
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TBF last panel that is the saddest looking monster I've seen. Come on guys. I think you've made your point. I think it gets it.
They're so addicted to each other it's cute.
It's hard enough to get out of bed some days when you're cosy, let alone when you have a Joa to snuggle in to.

Bites and scratches are pretty hot. XD
Aww I look forward to it now. ^_^
Rest up and get well soon.

That a public toilet? Ah Seki you're so romantic to take your bf cottaging XD
@Biscuit: *Middle of dinner*

"So Callum I killed a guy the other week. Noticed how Malcolm doesn't call you any more? Yep. Bashed his face in. Literally. His head looked like this strawberry soufflé if I ate it with a hammer"
@Biscuit: Implies there's a right moment to tell someone you killed a guy XD
Gee Avery that's a nice cute butt there. Just need to wash it off.... in front of Cal.

I'm surr Avery knows the pressure Cal was under. Abuse victims are scared into silence by the fear of retribution.

Not addressing the fact that Ave has probably killed a guy? A bad guy granted byt still... stuff like that tends to bring problems down the line. Self-defence isn't going be classed as reasonable force when you obliterate a face.
February 17th, 2018
How did he get up there without unbalancing the shelf and knocking it over? XD
Lmao. He's intimidated?

I do hope they switch
I gotta side with Jove tho lmao
@Biscuit: It just came to find and seemed to fit in a strange twist of karma XD
Ask not what he did to him
But what he did to him...

if... that makes any sense...

Don't worry Cal. It's not Avery's blood...
What're you gonna do Avery? Show him a headless body? The shook reactions of these faces implies it will not go well. XD
Ritchie was quizzical, inquiring geophysical
About where his brother was
In the afternoon with Owen, Cal and Joe

Avery Georgey Grey, went to visit Max today
Gets called on the phone
"Avery don't be at Max's flat, all on your own"

But as he's getting ready to go
Locking the front door

Bang Bang Avery's powerful fists
Came down on Max's head
Bang bang Avery's superhuman strength
Made sure that he was dead...
Happy valentines day to those two XD
Cute but would've thought after the day Joa's had, he'd be the one in Dylan's arms, not the other way around XD
That some good shower, but I'm wondering what they use to wash... there's nothing... no body scrub, no flannel.
"He isn't here" well gee Avery no fucking shit since you atomised his face lmao