Real Name: Ash
Age: 23
Gender: Male

About Me

I'm an introverted (INTP according to one of those personality things) 22yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual/pansexual... well maybe more towards the gay end of the spectrum in that regard though (yes we actually exist :P)... 4 on a Kinsey Scale if that test is to be believed.

I like anime, manga and have several favourite comics on here (most of them Yaoi/BL, though some het may leak in depending, though I'm not a big fan of Yuri/gl... they've never really been much of a turn on for me).

I sometimes make bad things, bad poetry mostly. I'm sure something good will sneak through at some point, but meh. Fuck it if it's bad. Only way you'll improve.

Recent Comments

Comment on 066 of Technicolor London
Quadrant, 21 Oct 2014 08:34 am
Someone's looking uncomfortable and in need of a drink.

Toby's horrified face though. Xd that's the most D8 face I've ever seen pulled
Comment on Worlds Apart Page 126 of Worlds Apart Comic
Quadrant, 21 Oct 2014 12:16 am
If he had s any heart, he'd make him go cold turkey... Well maybe rehab first since cold turkey is usually a last resort of desperation.

Drug policy could do with refocus on treatment rather than punishment. My attitude to users is that it's often find so long as you control it but as soon as you get addicted and it takes over your life then it becomes an issue. That said I'm sure a lot of those who got an addiction stated off with the thought that they could control their habit.
Comment on 3-12 of Inhibition
Quadrant, 20 Oct 2014 07:01 pm
If you ask me, you weren't hard enough. /dirtyjoke
Comment on Panacea ch 08 pg 02 of Panacea
Quadrant, 20 Oct 2014 07:07 am
As if Caelen didn't need anymore reasons to hate everyone.
Comment on 6.17 of Sunfall
Quadrant, 20 Oct 2014 12:29 am
She's ringing the hotline.
Comment on Ch 1 pg009 of Calico's Key
Quadrant, 19 Oct 2014 10:25 pm
@silent-songs: Ah, like a blessing in disguise? Well that is a nice optimistic outlook. You'll have our support. Don't think I'll be able to attend any livestreams soon. Time differences and early starts. >.>
Comment on Chapter 08 -- Page 18 of What About Love?
Quadrant, 19 Oct 2014 10:19 pm
What are you supposed to do with the feeling? Calm down and address it tomorrow? Play it civilised and mature because immaturity and jealousy never seems to work.
Comment on Update of Calico's Key
Quadrant, 19 Oct 2014 10:16 pm
Sorry to hear that. Don't you have a copy saved anywhere? Steal though? Bit low. Unsure what someone would want to do with that copy though. Hope you don't have to quit though. It is a good comic and it'd be a shame for it to end due to this. That said, we'll be patient and understanding whatever your decision is.
Comment on Ch 1 pg009 of Calico's Key
Quadrant, 19 Oct 2014 10:10 pm
! *Alert sound in MGS plays*
Comment on Page 275 of Helix
Quadrant, 19 Oct 2014 10:08 pm
Looks like someone's conscience is kicking into play and developing feelings of guilt. He's going to need to learn with these feelings. He's also going to need help from his master to help him deal with this. That said, you can't have a bodyguard who will feel guilty for self-defence. Self-defence is self-defence and sometimes it is life-or-death situations. Sometimes you need to be cold for survival.

That artwork on that eye scar :O

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