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I'm a 25yr old guy from the UK that identifies as bisexual...
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Oh I recognise intrusive thoughts when I see them... yeah they can be pretty dark and annoying to say the least.

Also wow, right back at you Owen.

Avery needs to find a support network and find a way to unleash stress healthily before that leads him down a path of regret.
Owen needs to show it. Prove it. Avery's trust has kinda being wrecked. He hasn't really given Avery any reason to believe him.... Owen responds to violence so easily.
@Biscuit: why's this give me the feeling that Cal is about to become very distant?

Was the reason Cal drunk to hide guilt.
How long has he smoked? Owen... don't get Avery hooked on cigs :(

Also last panel Owen's eyes look wrecked. He alright?
November 5th, 2018
They must hate delivering kids
More like avoiding him instead tbh...
Someone's a bit drunk too early in the day.

Unwell can be a vague term. He's certainly not himself... or I guess that is himself... mental health things like that kinda invite their own way into everything they want.
Jesus Alan... I know the past can be an uncomfortable thing to talk about but don't push people away and don't throw it back in their face. I know it's deflection tactic but in the end it only makes you hurt more.

Imagine the introduction going "This my boyfriend Callum, we killed someone together"
@Biscuit: I saw him pick on ants but he seems like the kid who acts out on others because he's bullied and abused

Take away the bullying and give him a healthy home I'd like to think that he'd become a nice lad.

Same with Jack.

I'm uncomfortable condemning kids as being destined to become bad people just cos they are as kids. Their personality, morality, their entire sense of self is still developing a lot at that age.
Is that a trick or a treat?

How quickly they changed into this.
Well that kinda just tore apart the reply I had last page XD

Come on Alan, you've been around now to know this isn't a normal family lol.



... was Alan sexually abused as a kid? Since they are from Leeds, it doesn't hint towards a certain deceased TV entertainer that turn out to be a massive paedophile (or that was known but covered up)?

Avery's face just lit up because he knows exactly what he's talking about. :(
They look more like Doritos... I don't think I've seen candy corn here. Too many other British sweets to worm it's way in... but then I seldom see pick'n'mix nowadays.
@Biscuit: I don't know why but he reminds me of Avery in a way that he doesn't want people to worry and he's too proud... or something to do so. Kinda like, he's always had anxiety but 80-90% of the times he's managed to deal with it or he hides it... the rest of the time it's too much it cripples him... like it has just done.
October 29th, 2018
In Before someone like me says "the church is an evil thing"

So this chapter cover kinda makes me :S

Also, will you still post update notifications via Tumblr? I like to keep my subscription notifications to a minimum.

We're all a bit mental in our own way... some more than others.

Alan needs to see a therapist.
@Biscuit: Power is an ability. Doesn't necessarily make that ability useful. Naruto had the ability to turn into echhi but that wasn't necessarily a useful thing all the time. :P
@Biscuit: Aww it's gonna be one of those useless powers isn't it bless. XD
Slipping in the shower, trying to take your eye out huh...

Poor Alan needs to see someone about this anxiety.
October 22nd, 2018
I'm so hungry I could devour a soul.