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So I'm an artist like everyone else on this site exciting aren't I!!

So I have a couple ideas for a comic but I fear that my artwork is a little lacking... So suffer through with me once I do figure out how to post my work...
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This is perfect! I love it when characters capture their emotion on their face rather than in their head. and you did it so perfectly here.
December 12th, 2014
i like how the updates with hugs are so close together.... hehehe.
October 2nd, 2014
DADIS HOME!... but CLEARLY the cookies are more important.
Well that face won't haunt my nightmares or anything like that... Nooo....
Look at you getting crushed like a... I'm not sure what that last word is but that's just me being bad at reading cursive.
If I was good at reading cursive it would be totally legible.
January 26th, 2014
@Lazy-lil-ninja: ok now I really want a Nara >////< so sexy! That is amazing!
January 23rd, 2014
Noooooo! NARA!!!! Don't leave!!!!! TT-TT your too sexy!!!
Sorry... Lost myself to the fangirl for a second there. Anywho! She really is trying to kidnap you!!!
YES!!! I knew you were alive! Well... It was my secret hope anyway... This is my favorite comic and I can't wait to see it! I understand all the time constraints and such so I will wait patiently for you to bring the rest! And thank you for not taking the easy way out and abandoning all of us! <3
January 19th, 2014
She was soooooo kidnapped...
And dragon man (aka Nara <3) is too sexy!
Also yay books!
*sly smile* "you poor kid... The teacher stepped out but when she gets back I bet she's gona make you stand in the hall... Or even give you a detention!"
"Stop it he beat the bell."
(Why is bullying the first thing to pop into my mind...? I've been reading too much slice of life...)
Dat sass! Always love a character with sass!
Dying, I'm just dying over here!
Don't mind me!
This absolutely wonderful!!!
I love how the other customers are freaking out too!
Vvvwip tssssear CRACKKK
April 19th, 2013
Shirtless Smasol!!!
Not the sexy hair!!!
*reads it again*
And all the fan girls squeeeeeeeeee!
The bouncy bed game!!