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Winter the Huskie
I don't really know what to say about myself except for the fact that I tend to have a short temper. But when in a good mood, I'm quite funny. Just remember this, anything thrown my way, will be thrown back twice as hard.
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    Winter, duh.
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Send Message least its not Dora. 0_0

@ Toon Link
BTW whats up with all the pony-thingy avis???
um...why? fiora and naomi scare me when theyre mad (not an easy thing to do). so...why??
oh, good god, its YOU again...

and i'm NOT short. just because i stand at your shoulder doesn't mean....
ok, so am short! at least i didnt DERP and slam my head against the desk. BTW your "mask" is still on ya freakin face.
20 rupees says she shrinks! *slams rupees on table* HA! *grins like an idiot*
sibling rivalry, marital rivalry...who gives a damn?? it's FUNNY!!
definition error
a "Gentleman's kiss" is a kiss with the eyes closed...just thought I'd point that out. it's a great drawing, tho :3
entertaining! ^w^
i can see it in his eyes, he's jealous.


don't ask me how, i just can. 0_0
i feel the need to use a shotgun...
he's one of those kinds of people/animals that makes me want to cut off his "certain something" and feed it to my dog as a chew toy...
boy, you are two kinds of crazy.
made it in Photoshop....was VERY bored

(based off a real conversation with a friend of mine)

all Winter art belongs to me
Toxic by Toxic Rabbit
there will be blood today...
survey says...yes, unfortunately...TT-TT
Persistence, anticipation, expectation, and retaliation....makes the best comic comebacks. :3
ouch, and another one bites the dust!
guys like that are so annoying, it gives me nightmares. 0_0
the chibi poses are cute...but your logic needs attuning...