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Oha ˚3˚ !!!
Hajimemashite ,Hotaru/Simona desu ˚u˚ !

I deleted my last account ~ pixiiedust so here is a new beginning lol ˚w˚.

I am currently redoing First Crush
~~ Also working on Sakura no kaben ~ short story ^^
and preparing something something nice i hope ~

Chuu ˚u˚

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@Kallaen: Really glad that you like it!! Thank you very much! OTL
This was supposed to be posted 1 month ago OTL! I've been busy and didn't get to scan it until now!
Hope you like the witchy Hana!!! ~~~ c(*o*)c
uni has started for a while now and i can't belive that Christmas is 4 weeks away from today!!! I'm excited and somehow scared of my assigments & co.

*dreaming of Christmas lights*
November 25th, 2012
awesome job you 2 did here!!! i really love how this manga is planned <3 Really funny scenes!!
Good luck in the future!!
@eternalbeliever12: Thankies! ~~ TTATT I am so glad to hear that! I am still a long way from where I could be but progress is there!
September 25th, 2012
@eternalbeliever12: Thank you!!! Hope I can work my *** off and progress more now, while I still can! *hugs* Will find some time and continue reading your manga <3<3
September 24th, 2012
@eternalbeliever12: Thanks!! :D Glad you like it! Now that I'm looking over this page I would redo it *like i always feel when looking at my old works* but that would only keep me from making progress xD
September 24th, 2012
@Boyish: Thanks for the adivice! Will try my best! Spaghetti! haha! Will try to feed her more!
Sorry for the late reply orz
Mysterious sign appears from nowhere!
Late as always ~~ Look what happens!
September 19th, 2012
I tried to keep most of the pages as similar to the old ones as I could! I really liked Chiha & Hana's ghostly faces here! *haha* Hope I can look at them anytime and laugh!
Don't forget to check me on DA also! @magicbut3rfly
September 19th, 2012
As always I end up apologizing for my hiatus! And as always I start working on FC when the new school year is near! orz
Will try to submit more pages in the following days *fingers crossed*
Hana's been travelling xD :> ~~ Manga Shop 4 works again <3
@ Eternalbeliver12: aww thanks ~~ yeah, i improved here and there ... will have to work more and fast on the next pages. No more hiatus i guess xD
@ whiteflamedkitsune:

awwww ~~~ i liked the title *love*
Good luck on redoing Veramir xD . I like redoing stories ~~
1. you already have the ideea + charas
2. you can see how much you improved xD
3. you cand make it better ~~~.
Glad you like how this is turning out. I'm going back to work on the next pages. I was kind of sick and didn't draw much on pc ^^; At least for FC
@ ZEVA : thanks so much for constantly watching my manga *u* i'll update as much as i can

~well i try my best at doing hands but some hand positions are too much for me >o<
* i like drawing eyes xD yay ~ go go eyes
Hmmm ... I actually did this in pencil and i was satisfied with it so... i just added some tones xD and of course i was lazy to do the lineart >u<
* cut off her legs ~ they weren't that good

Ps: last night i forgot about having a drawing for Ch 1 so i started a new one lol xD
* saving that for another something something *u*
hope VeramiR will be back soon xD take your time *hugs*

~ also happy b'day again xD
[i am pixiiedust :P changed my account ]
your manga looks really good ~ you could try making it again to improve(that's what i am doing xD) but it will take some time i guess ^3^
Hope you like the new FC cover xD ( for those who have seen the old one *u* )

~ i will be uploading pages but a little slow because i am still working on them and i also have other things to do xD

@ Zeva : kyaaa xD glad you like it ^^ updated a little page >u<
Thank you for the nice words xD