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I'll have to say this quick before I go riding off into the sunset.
I like anime and manga, but I don't consider myself a weeabo. Dancing like a goober is something I'm particularly good at (being caught doing).
Above anything else, reading is what I like to do. Give me a good story and I'll be stuck in it all day.
oh, yeah, I'm gay. gtfo my page if you're 'phobic.
//slightly strange, but a nice kid
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oh GOD i had a prefect like this at my old school. We had fashion arguments. It was really sad.

and everything should be seen the way Cameron sees it. OuO*♥♥Kawaii desu, ne??!?1 ♥♥ ^___^ 24/7 (okay that hurt to type, i'm sorry, i just, the sparkles, i have to make fun of them.)
sooooooooooo... he's going to feel guilty/like he needs to repay the debt and offer to let Kae stay indefinitely/forever/however long he wants (which is the same as indefinite or forever, but whatevskies)
also what is going on with Kae's mouth there. did he bruise himself or is it grease and why did he eat and I just what.
I hope Lissa was out of ear-shot when he said that last thing on the previous page. Or maybe I hope she heard it? Hmm.
Also, I very much enjoy top-down views you do through the canopy. Leaves. <3
as for replying methods, uh. I think on the same page is best, as you said, because of intermittent and prolonged updates.
[this is one of my very favorite comics, good to see some more updates from you]
I cannot believe I even have to debate this.

pinkberrymuffin and Llama Rama: A person in that situation shouldn't have to do anything more than to say stop.
"5. If I didn't fight back, is it still rape?
Many times rape survivors are not able to fight back because they are afraid or overpowered by their perpetrators. Also, some survivors are incapable of consenting due to age or impairment from drugs and/or alcohol."

You'd do well to read the site.

Just because a victim doesn't fight back, it doesn't mean they were okay with it. Just because a victim is wearing provocative clothes, it doesn't mean they were asking for it. And if a victim ever says "stop", "no" or anything of the like and the other person continues regardlessly, it can very well turn into rape. Even if it is someone you know or the person you're dating.

As for feeling sorry for Hoshi because he was intoxicated: okay, fine. He doesn't remember what he did (until now) and his inhibitions were lowered. He still knew what he was doing at the time, however. Getting drunk doesn't make you a different person, it draws out more of what you already are.

I see no indication of Taiyou seducing Hoshi. He doesn't put any moves on him, he doesn't pull him down, he doesn't say anything to him to imply he wanted it.

I'm done. I will not respond again unless it's a PM.
To everyone saying "it's not rape"
It still is.

Taiyou's dialogue on page 35 makes it quite clear. He says "Get off", "I don't want this", "Stop".

Just because you like someone or love them or think they're hot, it does not make it okay for them to force sex on you.

Taiyou being in love/having been in love with Hoshi does not make it okay that Hoshi did that. In fact, it kind of makes it worse.

If someone sees this differently - you think it's still not rape - you are welcome to PM me so as to not fill up this page with comment warring.

I'd like to remind everyone that this /isn't/ like those Japanese mangas you read on mangafox or whatever. The whole "rape is okay" thing is used a lot in those, but in this comic, it's being used in a real life perspective.
they're going through my head.
You guys are sneaky, sneaky, though. I see little hints throughout the dialogue.
coming in late here, haha
Yes, I'd also like to see the short stories. It's unfortunate your writer went AWOL. Perhaps the both of you could make your own script? (that is, if you want to keep going after the short stories).
Good to know this isn't entirely dead.
Hades wears evil so well.
CCC: Euch, I'm so glad I stuck through this baby. <3
You must feel really amazing having finished it. BE PROUD!
xD oh man. I like the ending though. It's cute and silly and appropriate.
(I'm also glad you didn't force them to have sex like, uhm, other... things. u_u;;; )
December 12th, 2010
and oh god. O:>
December 6th, 2010
@Iron: It probably was clear, but memory is terrible. :D
In any case, I still envy and admire your ability to render action. ;O; <3
December 6th, 2010
He looked so confident...
until he started moving through the air.
/points and laughs

/never thought Shira would make the first move
.../otherwise speechless
December 4th, 2010
God, I love her shoes.
More importantly, WOAH!: Lose a hand, gain a scythe?
Joe must be an important person too, but not infected...? Interesting!
What a nonchalant reaction for a kid.
Vampires are less suprising than superheroes. I guess he has a point, after everything that's happened tonight.

;~; oh The Gentleman, you kind soul. You care what he thinks~
I really like the little magic waves/electricity sparks.
Haha,yes! Score one for Yukio!
(I get so tired of guys who can't fight back. :'I )
November 28th, 2010
Beautiful crosshatching on the interior of the mech. <3
November 26th, 2010

poor Altan.
Cheri? Interesting!