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September 24th, 2012
Is it just me or is Scarrow Martin Freeman (John Watson)? xD
Wooow, you're leaving so late~! I left for college two weeks ago. I'm back home now for my first visit...
I really like the use of the shadowy figures and the way things are lit. It's really interesting and different.

What is your icon from, by the way? I recognize it and don't know why.
Deja Vu~! Like when he injected Kae with his blood. Kae is danger-prone.
Did Kae ever mention his name to Inori? or was that just implied...

And that love trail... :3
How in heaven's name do you have no fans? This is really good. And in color too.
xDDDDDDDD Matsuri is a slut.
"Let's burn him" Whoa there, ghosty. Calm yourself xD
Threesome~~ Or Coat Guy. He was cute. Matsuri is kind of a whiny bitch xD
He better push him away on the next page >:I
Ah~ Two in one day! We are lucky fans indeed.

And also, blonde-kid is fricking adorable.
I was going through files at my work today, and I ran across a guy by the name of Tommy Dake. I almost peed. My coworkers were like wth is wrong with her while I grinned.
April 10th, 2011
xD the hair DOES kinda look like tsuna...
Ah, I agree. SCREW JUNIOR YEAR. It needs to end rite nao.
I just lul'd so hard that I cried. Is that acceptable?
Haha, I did the same thing with the Ja-son. I read it like "jah-sun" xD
D'aww, he's such a party-pooper. Rawr. But he's also tsundere and adorable, so I forgive him.
Nono, don't redo it. I totally got it when I noticed his eyebrows were all sad~
Hahaha, Horus amuses me to no end.
Wait... Strawberry is hard to find D: They have it in my grocery store. Does this mean if I move then no more strawberry sodas?! -has resigned to never moving-