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'Ello thar you can call me Cazeo. (nick name stolen from one of my characters. I am currently messing around with comics using bits and pieces from already established storyline my friend and I have for our characters. I hope you will find something interesting within my comics..

I'm currently half seriously working on "Love Me" and having a lot of fun with M.G.O.U.F <3 both are BL comics.

I love BL/Yaoi and Bishounen in general so ya there will be a lot of those within my comics and art.

Visit my YGallery at for explicit yaoi art 18+ only.
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If you didn't see it in the News for this comic, I have revamped love me (FINALLY) After starting this over 8 years ago I am finally giving it the remake and justice it deserves, of course this means it is starting from scratch, but there will be a fix to the story (don't worry it's still the same premise) and art <3 Please go on over and fav it!
Love Me Revamped-
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I'm dying "nothing says fuck me like summoning Satan" that killed me
January 24th, 2014
Hey peeps, I'll be updating regularly again. Like I said in the previous update, it's been a really really rough few months for me.

On a good note, I have an awesome Etsy store with a bunch of nerdy things, I added a Love Me shirt, The design is the one displayed on the picture. Here's the link for anyone who is interested :3
January 23rd, 2014
And here's an update after 7 months. It's been one hell of a 7 months, I'm sorry guys. ;^; Please forgive me!
June 17th, 2013
@Andromeda Lazuli:

but but but Ojii ;^; I know what you mean though
June 11th, 2013
Aww Velrin. For those of you confused, Velrin is Ojii's girlfriends friend. He agreed to snoop on Kajin but had no intent of hurting Kajin, he in fact had a crush on Tsuki.

@Maxxu: aww thank you so much :3

No need to be sorry, what are you confused on doll? I'm going to be working on more pages more rapidly because it's nearing the end of my deployment I hope it comes together a little better :3
Velrin, why you so cute?

Also for those who entered the contest, there weren't nearly enough entries to even judge, but I'd like to do something for you, could I offer you a commission? (which was one of the prizes for one of the places) Just message me with details of what you want. This is for those who entered the drawing contest.
@Andromeda Lazuli:

Yeah I'm trying to continue it, I've been doing it for 2 or 3 years now so the story is probably coming to a close soon, but I have two other comic Ideas that will be far more refined. X'D
I need to update this faster ;^; there's so much art I want to get done and two comic ideas (not off the top of my head story like this) being created. BUSY.
Another. The new character belongs to my best friend. I love him so I asked if I could use him <3
April 30th, 2013
I really need to work on the extra pages, atleast one more for ze porns. I've been drawikng alot for my fb art page, it's got memes and art all by me. Check out if you guys like :3 Warning, I'm very very crass.
April 27th, 2013

I have seen Sweeny Todd, but that line comes from the original rp character version Kajin, he has horrific nightmares. X'D
April 14th, 2013
Woot an update. I've been so busy with Studio-A.D.H.D's fb page. I hope you guys are all over there following it. I put some cracked out stuff up. :3

Link for those who care >

I should do another porn page...Have you guys been reading the extra 18+ pages? If so I'll do some more. Poor Kajin. I'm awful.
April 4th, 2013
update :3 hmmmmmmm
March 28th, 2013
@Andromeda Lazuli:

Haha thats good X'D ugh my tablet wire is dead there is a new one on the way, but no new updates till I get it ;^;
March 16th, 2013
Ok so I have a page just about lined for the Extra 18+ section I know some of you are waiting for more of those pages X'D This deployment is tough I have time but it's hard to keep my head straight. I miss home ;^;
February 22nd, 2013
They do <3
February 21st, 2013
@Mirror_Heart: He shocked because Tsuki never let his hand go X'D