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Personally known as JennyJen, and JKBarts on twitter.
Artists and creator of Justcrazy my webcomic.
Super friendly and always drawing.
>u> and a good cook *dust shoulder off*

Sorry folks for the delay on justcrazy, I deeply apologize. Had a lot of crazy changes in my life.
Still trying to find balance with RL situations that came along. Will do my best to be back. Thank you for reading JustCrazy.
I wish you all the best. Sorry for the delay. I'll do what I can.
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    Jennifer Ky
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thank you so much everyone for being so kind and sending sweet wishes to me. I'm doing alright!
Health is getting better and I'm working out things in RL I will do what I can so I can come back and post more pages. Enjoy the holidays and stay safe.
Much love to you all
Hello Readers sorry for the delay.
I've been sick and dealing with RL at the moment
So pages will be late. I hope you are all doing well
And have a great Halloween take care much love to you all.

Here is a little doodle of Jay since today halloweent that is is his birthday.
October 16th, 2015
God bless you are here is a JC page <3
Sorry for the last post health and RL happen.
But here is the page guys.
Take care all god bless.
yes EARLY load up since I'll be busy tomorrow.
Much love to you all >u<
October 2nd, 2015
Hello folks.
Mega sorry for the late post!
I had a lot to do, but happily was able to post it up.
Hope you are all doing well.
Much love to you all! >u< see you next page!
September 25th, 2015
more to come thanks guys see you soon >u< happy fall!!!
September 18th, 2015
More just crazy to come take care all <3 >u<
September 12th, 2015
@shibagal: Hahah, you have no idea how hard that man worked to get that woman XD (neither does Alex hahaha)
September 11th, 2015
>u< thanks for reading.
See you next post.
Have a great weekend.
September 4th, 2015
Have a great weekend.
You gotta love Alex and his love meter. XD
See you next post
August 28th, 2015
More Justcrazy to come folks :)
Have a great weekend sweet hearts!
Want to catch up with JennyJen and see what she is up to and status on JC follow on @JKBarts via twitter.
Thanks for reading STAY AWESOME!

Note to all commissions will be returning soon<3
another justcrazy page!
More to come enjoy the weekend loves!
Thanks for reading!
Here you go my lovelies a new page! tee hee.
If only there was nothing between them.
I'm sure most think >U> !
Jenny out *rolls out*
excited to share new page I hope you enjoy guys much love to you all :3
JENNY JEN IS BACK!!! with colour pages! Love you all
Hello Readers Jenny Jen is back with Justcrazy!!
Thank you for sticking around and waiting for my return :) it means a lot.
JC is now *drumroll* COLOUR! Vol2 is in full colour! thank you so much for reading along it means a lot! <3<3 Not Just Crazy will now load on Fridays!!
So Keep a look out for Friday post! >u< Enjoy your weekend guys.

Also Check out the start of vol2 to see JC in COLOUR Hope you enjoy the new look much love to you

Start of the read->
Summer is here!
Hello beautiful readers and thank you for reading along Justcrazy!
And reaching it to Vol2!
I will be taking a short break do to RL situations but I will return at the end of July. With more pages and a new fun look to JustCrazy I hope you will enjoy :3 <3
I thank you all so much for your messages and for sticking around enjoying the story.
There is more to come.
Thank you once again and I'll see you soon<3
To keep updated and in touch you can check me out via twitter @JKBarts.
Much love to you all take care god bless!
Hello folks!!!
I hope you are having a great day >u<
Thanks for reading have a good one hee hee.
Hello all another page loaded<3
thank you for reading <3
More to come stay tuned for next post
Hello sweetie pies!
I hope that everything goes well for you today and that you feel blessed!
See you next post and hello new readers!
Thank you so much for joining along <3
Hello everyone!! God bless I hope you are all doing well<3 >u< much love to you all!