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Hi, I am Heike, a silly woman from Northern Norway, where I live with my Border Collie Keiron (4) and domestic housecat Mikkel (8).

I love my friends, dogs (and animals in general), World of Warcraft, art and watching/listening to things. I also love web comics! And I am trying to make my own comics. Altough updates might be random I am trying to update more frequent.

You can find me lurking on twitter mainly:
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I just wrote a list of food ingredients I am eating right now instead of a info about the page...

Anyways, poor Sergel sentimental about his collar. But come on boy, you need to go :3 Join the pack!
@Lechatsar: Trixie doesn't have time to pack things into nice wrapping x)
Sad messages.. somehow isn't Trixie's strong suit..
At this rate I rather change to update on Wednesday.. But I wont! I just had something to do every darn Tuesday that has been the past few weeks x(

I hope next week will be normal!

I really like the last panel here, I hope you do as well.

Also, say hello to Sergel! :D Finally I got to reveal his name. And the special thing about Sergel is that he is a cameo character.

He belongs to TheRoomPet and he sort of just.. "decided" to be part of ASDS.. or Roomie did.. not sure. They just kept showing me sketches of him and Trixie especially and it happened. I had no power! xD This is what ASDS wanted.

TheRoomPet is a very talented artist whom tries to make comics as well - which I love. Even if its very few pages as of now. Go give them some love!

And here is Sergel's reference sheet that Roomie made him: S ergel
And here you go - some introduction is happening.. after the burping..
And she delivers! - Both me and Trixie actually! x)

Sorry for late page, I had a lot of stuff happening that stressed me terribly. It might be visible on the page to be honest.. Anyways, I hope you like it :3
Crawlin' through an opening..

Trixie is not impressed!

Back to the skinny boi and... Woot woot! Is it Trixie that came back!?
It was both hard and fun to draw this page. I'm sorry Pascal had to die, he was a good boy. Rest well, friend.
Poor Pascal :(

He haven't told Trixie yet! ;-;
Boss... don't! :<
Early page today - woo!

Also, this morning ASDS reached 100 followers - omg, thank you all! :D

I am so happy so many people cared to follow my comic :,) Thank you!
I... am just gonna let this page sit here xD

Enjoy - and also - interested in seeing more news posts with ASDS related art? :)
Poor Pascal, you better live through the night!
@Woofsie: Best comment 2019 - I laugh everytime I see it xD
Better late than never!

I'm afraid we will have to come back to Trixie and her captured "friend"

It seems Pascal will be fine... but what is this?
No, why is she leaving? D:
Sorry for late post, but today caught me off guard with being way too hot! Dx

Luckily my friend said we can draw together in the evening when its colder and more comfy. I will struggle in the summer I guess :,D But we will get through it.

I am working on the puppers as well :)

And about the page.. hmm, will the mysterious fellow inside respond to Trixie?
Who is this??

New character? :O

Also.. I am in the process of designing Mystery x Trixie puppers, who wants to see that? :p
@Woofsie: Lol! xD Good guess :p