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Hi, I am Heike, a silly woman from Northern Norway, where I live with my Border Collie Keiron (4) and domestic housecat Mikkel (8).

I love my friends, dogs (and animals in general), World of Warcraft, art and watching/listening to things. I also love web comics! And I am trying to make my own comics. Altough updates might be random I am trying to update more frequent.

You can find me lurking on twitter mainly:
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@TinyTiger: SLUUUURP xD
So.. I forgot to put it up earlier - so here is a late update!

Better late than never! hah..

Anyways... Bye Buster :<

Fun fact: Buster has appeared in RELM as well, do you know where? :)
February 19th, 2019
I was at the doctor today so the page is a bit late x(

I had a prolapse in my lower back on the 30th of December it turns out, or so it sounds like, mostly. Luckily it sems to have been a small one and that it will heal, we just going to give it time really.

I am fine, but it got me thinking...

And anyhows, this is the new page! Buster is not afraid of death!

But why did Patus stop? We will have the answer soon enough..
February 17th, 2019
@arctic flame: He had it from the beginning, but I have unfortunately drawn an eye on him a couple off times, its on my list to be fixed.

Sorry for this.
February 14th, 2019
This page took a while to draw, my tablet has been a bit sluggish today. It doesn't like the winter storms of the cold north I think..

Anyways... CRUSHING BUSTER!??? Patus you a bad ass :o
February 12th, 2019
@arctic flame: It sure is! >:D MWAHAHAHA!!!
February 12th, 2019
Baron! Don't worry, Buster is coming for you - or is he?

Seems Patus has something to say about that :<
Uh-oh! O:

Sorry late post, I thought it was friday yesterday so.. here we are.. have a fun weekend.
@DoodleDapp: Yes I have fallen on my back as well, I don't think I will ever forget that feeling - but you and I are humans and we don't cope like a dog. Especially a dog that is fighting another dog.

If he had stayed down, Trixie could have attacked him and he is vulnerable on his back. Its all about getting on your feet again. I am also assuming that while we look at Trixie getting up to run off and Boss watching her, it gives Baron plenty of time to get up, even with the disoriantation of landing hard after being kicked off his feet with such a force. He's not 100% fine of course, but not any worse than that he can get up. I hope my reasoning seems more plausible now, and if not I will just have to hope we can agree to disagree and not discuss further. I hope this doesn't dether you from reading my comic also :)
@DoodleDapp: Yes, in the last page, Trixie only threw him off of her. So he jus landed and sat back up.
Run Trixie! But.. why is she fleeing?

Also.. what did Baron notice? D:

I guess we find out on Thursday! See you then :D
@Guest: *snickers* good one :p
@arctic flame: There are a few hints in the comic - but it will be answered soon :)
Revenge of the Trixie

Its Baron's time to be flying now! >: D

See you guys on tuesday! ;D
@RyderZenen: Aww, thank you :D That's really nice to hear. I strive to get better with it all the time :3
Guys, I am really excited about this page - the last panel took forever, but I am very pleased with it. Its not perfect, but I am pleased.

Poor Trixie is flying x)
Bit late, been sick today so it took a while to get here. I hope you enjoy - Baron certainly don't seem to :o
Who is ready for an update? :D

Well here it is, ready or not! xD See you on thursday! :D
Oh no! Baron is targeting Trixie! D: