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Hi, I am Heike, a silly woman from Northern Norway, where I live with my Border Collie Keiron (4) and domestic housecat Mikkel (8).

I love my friends, dogs (and animals in general), World of Warcraft, art and watching/listening to things. I also love web comics! And I am trying to make my own comics. Altough updates might be random I am trying to update more frequent.

You can find me lurking on twitter mainly:
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@dasEsel: I guess love makes him stupid then? Or maybe it is badly written, but it is tied with that he has trusted Boss since he met him.
@JadeWizard: Yeah somehow that happened.. this is not my week I guess x)
I'm not forgetting the image this time! The page is here, phew!

Poor Pavel, being beat up, but Zakka got Solex's attention at least.
@dasEsel: Pawel xD I think that he is not stupid, he is just being decieved very well. Boss is a slimy eel, he knows how to fool a poor soul like Pavel.

I get why its infuriating though, I'd be furious too if I wasn't.. well the author :>
@Guest: Yep! I am sorry, I forgot to include the page x,D Its fixed now <3

Sorry everyone! D:
Aaand here we are with attack Solex!!!

He is pissed! >:(
@silver moon :3: He thinks they were just sleeping, poor Pavel has been fooled :(
@DarkFireEevee: Of CoUrSe NoT ™️
But wait! Pavel is here to protec Boss! Whom he thinks is innocent..

Poor little bean.. But what will happen next, seeing as Solex is so rattled..
Good news everyone! Mikkel has no cancer what so ever!


And as promised, next page! Solex is pissed! Can you tell?
Scene change! You don't get to know the name of Mystery Wolf just yet :P

But the scene here is quite sad.. I chose to keep the discovery of Pascal's death off screen. F Pascal <3

Who does Ronja suspect is his killer?
Sorry for the wait, here is the page! x)

And naw.. no name for Mystery wolfie just yet.. but you get to know his brothers name :P
Trixie don't sugar coat anything. and Sergel is easy to persuade... and that in the nick of time too!
@Tawny_Panthera: Yeah, nobody wants to move after eating a bit too much x) My dog is like.. plopp on the flor and just.. oof when he had big meal :3
@DoodleDapp: Nobody knows :o ... not even me.. maybe :D
Hmm.. whats going on?

Also Sergel's food baby.. tsk :>
Oops, I am sorry guys, I forgot to post the page today o_o

Yeah.. so here is belated page for you guys! :D
Sergel sure is jumpy :3
@DoodleDapp: Yeah, he is all happy to run about xD
@Hrolf: Thank you for spotting that, I normally do you're and your pretty well but sometimes it just gets passed me.

I will fix this when I have time ^^,