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Hi, I am Heike, a silly woman from Northern Norway, where I live with my Border Collie Keiron (4) and domestic housecat Mikkel (8).

I love my friends, dogs (and animals in general), World of Warcraft, art and watching/listening to things. I also love web comics! And I am trying to make my own comics. Altough updates might be random I am trying to update more frequent.

You can find me lurking on twitter mainly:
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New bois :o???
Sorry for the delay.
@neko13-san: Accidental rhyming is best rhyming :D
So if any of you saw panel 1 as Buster, then I apologize, I was in a bit off a daze and quite distracted when coloring the page and accidentally colored Buster onto Baron... I have fixed it now and hope everyone can just.. laugh at silly me for doing such a huge fault and not spotting it even - gee, its like I dont even go over the pages before I post them.

Laugh at the Heike!

And thank you to the awesome reader @Karliah who made me aware off it <3
... Yeh.. I was a bit.. loopy when doing these last week.. I will correct it x_x
@Karliah: You want a sketch of the wolf - coming up! :D
@Karliah: Correct - who do I draw for you? :D
So the rat in panel 1 has been seen before in the comic - first one to comment the page number and panel where they are featured will get a headshot sketch of their character! :D
@Karliah: Yes its the rat - you seen them before in the comic ;)
@GalactaKnightRoolz: A conspiracy eh? :p We will have to find out, hahahahahaaha! *totally pretending I dont know whats going on* x,D

Sorry... :<
@Karliah: Is what cat? :o
I have been experimenting with night time scenario - the last page looks very different to this one, but dont worry. It will eventually (hopefully) be made into this style as well.

I hope you guys think it looks night time-ish, I would love to hear your thoughts about it.
I'm sorry I didn't add any description on the last couple of pages. I simply feel like going into hiding right now with my social anxiety and to be able to continue updating, I figured I would just upload without any description.

I will still try to answer comments and updates will continue like they have this year. So please have a great weekend and a new page is waiting for you guys on Monday <3

- Heike
Oh you Trixie!

Also uh, sorry for late upload - I got excited about today and forgot x_x
A new week is upon us and you know what that means - 5 new pages of ASDS! :D I hope you are hyped.

Also yeah, Ronja! Just spit it out already! God!
Trixie sure is a nice grump who makes sure everyone is fed, protecting them from Boss and his gang.
Good morning indeed! :)

And today is the national day off Norway, or constitution day I guess - so happy norwegian constitution day everyone :D
@KirbyandPokemonFan: Had a no time for pups talk? One to many is the best answer :<
Aww next days awkwardness.
@KirbyandPokemonFan: What is confusing you? :(