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Hi, I am Heike, a silly woman from Northern Norway, where I live with my Border Collie Keiron (4) and domestic housecat Mikkel (8).

I love my friends, dogs (and animals in general), World of Warcraft, art and watching/listening to things. I also love web comics! And I am trying to make my own comics. Altough updates might be random I am trying to update more frequent.

You can find me lurking on twitter mainly:
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September 23rd, 2018
@Mystic Fire: Haha xD I think it should just be Pascal and Gus so far. Oh and the Mystery Wolf :p

If shes pretty is up to the eye of the beholder, I mean I think she is, I like black and white greenland dogs. So yeah mostly because she is a good fighter.
September 10th, 2018
@Guest: Hello - I am sorry. I am going through a deep depression and just trying to get through one day at a time.

I don't have any energy to draw on ASDS really and feeling guilty. Please bare with me, soon I will hopefully pump out pages again. Take care everyone!
Yeah so, I am taking a small break to recharge. I just don't have fun at the moment and I struggle to make further script for ASDS. A week or two not thinking about it should do the trick.

I am sorry, I am on such a good roll right now, but yeh, no juice to squeeze out at the moment :(
@KirbyandPokemonFan: Ehehehe xD I think almost all off them!
@DoodleDapp: Hmm you could try? Hes hard to hit though :o
@Noble Wolf: Thank you, very much! :D
@guest: We will have to see what she will be doing about mr. Gus :)
@DoodleDapp: Gus said he gets what he wants xD
@Lechatsar: Gus sure does! Hes interested in da booty!
@Gore N the GUYS: xD that cracked me up - thank you.
Things should be back to normal now.
So since there most likely wont be many pages, how bout a questions and answers. Leave a comment with questions and the ASDS gang might reply! :D
@neko13-san: Hehehe, yeah.. gotta get some action xD


Yeah its very bad here right now, heat records even. So ASDS might have a week or two break. Not sure at this moment.
Hello everyone.

There might not be pages this week. Its very hot where I live and I am struggling a lot. I did get this page though, just to let you guys know. I'm sorry for this and hope the weather cools down soon so its more creative friendly.

Seriously, can barely play WoW at this point.
In 5 weeks ASDS will reach 200 pages - it just hit me o_o''

Also @KirbyandPokemonFan , if you didn't receive a note from me, I finally finished mr Mystery Wolf for you.
New bois :o???
Sorry for the delay.
@neko13-san: Accidental rhyming is best rhyming :D
So if any of you saw panel 1 as Buster, then I apologize, I was in a bit off a daze and quite distracted when coloring the page and accidentally colored Buster onto Baron... I have fixed it now and hope everyone can just.. laugh at silly me for doing such a huge fault and not spotting it even - gee, its like I dont even go over the pages before I post them.

Laugh at the Heike!

And thank you to the awesome reader @Karliah who made me aware off it <3
... Yeh.. I was a bit.. loopy when doing these last week.. I will correct it x_x