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I may be fuzzy but I am not a ball.
And this is why NoScript for Firefox is the best thing ever period.

Also omfgsuperkawaiistyle!!!!11!!
Brawl... I mean if not for the music and awesome line up, there's.... everything else. Everything is perfect!

And twilight princess and Okami I guess.
Edward Elric seems worried

Do what you want, the best update schedule is always the "whenever I feel like it but at least once a week" schedule.
I just can't get over how much that one guy looks like Edward Elric...
"...and all of its inhabitants killed."

does it matter what order they die in? we all know that Mario, Sonic, and Mega Man are going to be the last ones standing, and then it'll probably turn into a Mario vs. Sonic, or they'll all kill each other at the same time...
GREAT job! Looking forward to this... hopefully someone will say some nasty things about Miles....
First! Hur hur hur.... wait.... (joking)

Happy New Year, here's to another year of great comics!
I'm dying to know. :( Damnzit...
you have the G.U.N. commander and both Eggman and Nega-Eggman or whatever his name is. That is just plain awesome.
Still anticipating what will happen next
Come to think of it.... why didn't everyone just shoot him in the first place? Rip his legs up a little bit... he's not going anywhere.

Also, don't get raped in prison, you're no one's bitch Jacob!
Funniest thing I've seen all day.
Hmmm.... Killed you... that certain character that may or may have not been dissolved in lava? Dunno...

anyway that was badass Jacob.
He's fast!
It looks like he's been shot and is low on blood, and therefore his eyes are getting red which always accompanies near death blood loss for some reason that escapes me if it is prolonged enough.

But I digress, great comic, good job, especially fitting it with the song.
Last two panels made this comic epic.
my hand is not in there. you know, for obvious reasons, like I'm too lazy to make a raised hand sprite. Woot!1!!

This is very well writen Jacob, and every comic leads me to anticipate the next...