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Hey people, I'm going by the name Hyosuke.

I'm into anime, manga, video-games, cosplay, and the like. Translation, a proud geek -the very best kind.'s unlikely you'll get any webcomics from me in the near future, and//or the distant. If I do ever post one up, I hope you'll check it out~

Promise to favorite every awesome webcomic I find~
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I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this- but this world and story you've created is really quite facinating. :)
The multitude of little creature of undefined shapes, right up to these human-like ones with names and intelligent though- I can't help but want to follow along and see where this story will go!
Oh thank god-
When I saw the update I was sure you were announcing the end- but I'm happy to see it's a new page!
Thanks so much for the update~
Plenty 'insightful'
Hey, that comment was plenty insightful! I just got an insider look into the world of catty little fasionista princesses~

Also- Loving the comic. I enjoy your updates so much. <3
January 28th, 2012
Awww... it's nice to see they're on good terms. I'm honestly glad they're able to get past this. :3
The last pages...?
Aw... I'm honestly sad to see it go. I won't complain, because it's entirely your choice in the matter- but I just want you to know I really enjoyed reading "Boy Lessons", it never failed to make me laugh. Thanks for the comic- it was fun. :)
Well- I'm more of a cat person so...a scene like this would probably occur:

Me: "...Really god, you couldn't make it a cat boy?" *shakes fist*
...Least he's cute...~
*goes to call all friends in the hopes they've been blessed with a cat boy and would except 'trade-sies, no switch backs'*
Just wondering...
In that last close up- his necklace...
Is it based off of the lighter Shinichi from NANA has?
I know how random that is- but they look similar.