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The animation is gorgeous, keep it up!

I can't wait to see the devious shenanigans unfurl.
Just when I was beginning to fear this comic's death... "Nakedness.... and mushyness~"

Heldrad, we love you.
O, awesome! I'm glad you got a new tablet, I was thinking this one might have faded into the nether.

Also, I love how you captured their frustration in this page.
Aw, family...
Can't live with them,
Can't live without.
<gasps for air>
O, that woman freaks me out so much. This storyline has me on the edge of my seat. You draw so pretty, Heldrad.

That woman sure does love to scream, "AARGHH!"
Ha! "I should tease him a little more <3" Keep up the good work, Takesushi! I love Kirie's expressions.
I love how he hides behind~
This is gorgeous.
Well, I think it's wonderful. I like the contrast between the two characters we see. The mischievous smile and angular shoulders in contrast with the shy one wearing the tussled sweater. I wonder if they're twins, lookalikes, or even the same person...
Ah, already my curiosity is burning. I can't wait to see how this story unfolds.
What good webcomic doesn't leave you ever-on-your-toes? I love this story.