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really lazy with my comics.
probably won't update much, if i
even manage to make one! :']
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omg <3
he's adorbs...
August 20th, 2010
thank you guys aww ;~; <3
i feel more confident now hehe &#9829;&#9829;
thank you everyone! QwQ
i'm glad you guys like him~ &#9829;&#9829;
Reposted. -__-
Yay my second character! What a fag. xD;

Name: Jared Jones
Nickname/s: JJ! He uses JJ instead of Jared. &#9829;
Age: 16
Club: Art
Job in the Club: Member / Photographer
Personality: Incredibly carefree, usually cheery, very social, likes to flirt and likes to meet new people. Is really passionate about what he does! He's also very defensive/overprotective and gets jealous easily. He tries to crack jokes but most people just find his humor offensive. He doesn't get that though, so he continues.
Likes: Long walks, most electronica, pink, taking photographs, facebook, the ocean, food~ =u=
Dislikes: People who mess around with his belongings, loud people, crappy cameras, loud people, mainstream videogames, LOUD PEOPLE.
Interesting fact: His glasses have no lenses. They're just for fashion. Oh, and he's obsessed with the music of Calvin Harris. &#9829;&#9829;
Other: He's in the closet. Badly.
@gummy: ahh thank youuu! C: &#9829;&#9829;&#9829;
i appreciate it~~
i love him~ c:
his tattoos are so cool omg &#9829;
@gummy: kickass! an awesome addition to the drama club &#9829;&#9829;
Total cutie! I lav him &#9829;&#9829;~
Sure, I'll get Tea to add you to the list when she goes online~ &#9829;
August 18th, 2010
@Surram: Yaay, thank you~ Accepted! Welcome to the collab. C: &#9829;
August 18th, 2010
Ahh, you guys. D;
You all have such nice art, I feel a bit put out, like, because my art style is just cheap animu. :L

Oh well, what I really posted this for was to remind you that...uh, we can't really have a full art club and empty drama club, so please consider that. QmQ

@teatea; dankeee! &#9829;&#9829; nonsense your leader will be perfect! THEY CAN BE CUTE ~TOGETHER~ ** sparkle sparkle
The first of my characters.
Sorry for the really crap chibi, its 4:56am man! Q_Q

Name: Seth Westwood
Nickname/s: None yet
Age: 17
Club: Drama
Job in the Club: Leader
Personality: Cheery. Is incredibly loyal and trusting. Perhaps a little bit too gullible. Greedy over anything he can get his hands on. Oh, and when he gets excited, he gets REALLY excited.
Likes: Taking photos, authority, bubblegum, family, dogs, rain, baseball, parties.
Dislikes: Snakes, peaches (allergic), heat, cheese, pop music, rebels.
Interesting fact: His dad was called Seth, and his grandpa, and his great-grandpa, and so on. He's like, the over 9000th Seth in the family.
Other: Chews his nails too much, he's addicted. To win his heart you give him orange juice. Also, he wishes he could get glasses, because he loves them. Sadly for him, he has excellent eyesight.

Okie dokes :]
Well if you change your mind and its still open, you could always go for it~ &#9829;
I'll put you on the list. c:
@Mythrime: Sure thing, which one would you like to reserve? (:
[ Drawn by Teacupsy. ]
School uniform for all applicants.
As it says, this can be personalized in any way that your character would. Badges, pins, etc..

Also, the choice of pants, shoes, bags and accessories are all yours.
Again, sorry if these seem strict, waah.. QmQ
Good luck applying, if this collab catches your eye~
Please send all applications to Ceejay or Teacupsy. &#9829;
Thank youu.