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    Rhan Beechey-davies
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i found the +fav button ^_^ robtppls r cool :P
interesting i wanna see what happens next i will add to fav

EDIT: i would if i could find the +fav button... oh well will add to IE fav list
its 2008 and u still on my fav list granted ive only recently been reading web-manga again lota stuffs stoped me from reading... like college XP

but i still love your comic this[------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------]much ^____^
just added to my fav

i like this comic its cute (hopfully not another shonen ai coz frankly im a lil tired of reading them...)check out my comic some time i could do with some outside critisism <3
dude he's a freak 0_0......but in a good way
what's going on ;_;...he's not gonn um...*gulp* d..die is he *looks around in panic*
i love plot anyway its windy to day we've got 60mph gusts of wind in england
i may have to build a shrine to your awsome skill, i will pray that i may have evan an ounce of your tallent....i love your comic squeeeeeeeee ^o^ <3
still cant get over how good your art is, im so damn jelous

(why can't i spell!)
8 )
i love the shading on this page, its slightly hazey and captures the way time blurs by when you actualy fight or are in the middle of a conflict...soz i like to analize art in my spare time this is some of the best art ive seen in a long time <3
i wuv u i wuv ur comic

......marry me <3<3<3

*ahem* sorry bout that *blushes and hides head in shame* but im so in love with yor comic and art that i stayed up till 2am just to read it then post a coment......i wuv u this[------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------] much