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OMFG! Sweet! I love the coloring of the mushroom kingdom on the top image and I really like how you drew the arwing from Star Fox on the last. man, I really like this comic idea. Do you plan on drawing more nintendo comic stuff in the future? I would DIE if you made a comic like Mario's Day job ^_^
It's boring but it's cute so it's okay :)
dude, I'm loving the artwork on this page
I <3 This Page. I can't wait for Chapter 1 to start. Hopefully soon! I need my fix
well played good sir
This... Comic...Is...AWESOME!
Loving the new comic. I love how it's kind of like a video game. I can't wait to see whats to come :)
whoa like how you did the blood
I like BADLY DRAWN COMBINe, I litteraly just +fav