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Kay Elle
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You art is just so unbelievably expressive, ever since the beginning few pages; even now it still amazes me how much emotion I can see in them (: and I second the above
Kane's Expression and the angle in the 5th panel is fantastic :D And I love her bite in the bread hahaha
Sneaky, sneaky Pifo xD gahh it's just to adorable!
I love the fourth panel :D
Love the banner and interaction haha
I love the expressions on this page! :D
Loved the update, couldn't stop laughing :D
she's so happy! ^^
they're so adorable :))
Adorable! I love their expressions in the 5th panel :)
I had to stop all I was doing once I realized this was up :)

I love their relationship so very much ^^
This update brightened my day ^^ the poor doctor hahaha
I just started reading this yesterday and I've already read it twice! I love everything so much :) cant wait for more!
Kay Elle
September 17th, 2010
Huzzah! This comic is amazing :] can't wait for the next update
Your coloring is so pretty! Love the perspective of the table an doors in the second to last panel

Flacon is full of sheer awesome, haha