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Hi I'm Katarina, I live in Estonia and study animation which I'm enjoying a ton! I love cooking, mythology, cats and horror movies!
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September 18th, 2016
AW her parents are rly cute... glad to see a double update btw ;)!!!
klsdhflk i just caught up and im so happy to have so many pages to read since i last read!! ;_; i loveee the direction this is taking!! thank you for making this *_*
February 29th, 2016
björn! my man!
i'm so pUMPED THOUGH!! this feels like the start of something new..........
omg congratulations!! this is so sweeeet im dying. i love it. ;_;;;!! ive been enjoying C&F since the beginning and it keeps surprising me in the most delightful ways always! keep up the great work!! <3<3
December 4th, 2015
but its another page... <3 <3 ! omg wait let me guess the name papa bear gave her...................... wrap-around-wilma
November 28th, 2015
say it with me: bonding time + road triiiip! :---D
oh my gosh i LOVE hestia.... another incredible female character in your comic!! i admire them all so much <3 _ <3
October 25th, 2015
a few last words
YYEEEPPP THATS HOW CHEESY I AM. super cheesy. säde and emin have a kid named after the foodbaby they discussed back in chapter 11 or something, and leelo is an adventurer always looking for a chance to find her brothers. she might look for them forever. sandra still hasnt confessed her crush, probably. linda is a badass witch ruling the north. cheeeseeee

thank you all for reading, to you few who stuck around since the very beginnings, people who picked it up mid-way, to those who joined this year.
adalsysla is a project that will always be very close to my heart so chances are i'm going to keep writing short stories with these characters in this universe... but i feel like this story is told now! weird to think that something i started at 16 is now over. i actually sat down and finished it.
GODS it took over such a huge portion of my life though, so i'd be lying if i said i'm not relieved. i would stress beyond anything about getting pages done in time, ignoring my health & other life stuff. making webcomics isn't pretty, kid, but heck if it's not super fun.

i'm feeling emotional! my huge project of 5 years is done with, what next?? well, i have an upcoming project in mind, it's not huge like adalsysla was. it's smaller, it involves gay lady zombies and again is set in the past... mmmmm that won't be for a while though!! i'll always be active on my tumblr, so keep an eye out on there for anything extra adalsysla or upcoming stuff.

AGAIN, thank you all so much. it's been a great journey and honestly without the support of readers & friends adalsysla wouldn't have gotten to the point of ending this way. i love you guys.
October 21st, 2015
WILLOW'S FACE IN THE LAST PANEL... AAAAA but omg huxley is so sweet. how could you ever threaten to kill him. holy moly
early update!
early update so i get this off my shoulders! :--D
maybe one day i'll draw the actual comic of the antics these three get into!! i want to but.. for now its kind of like im running the last half mile of the 40 mile marathon and i really really need to pee so im rushing with newfound energy. im super excited to end something thats been amazing but maybe not the best for my little feet.
as weird as it sounds to type this, next time i update it'll be the last... i'm uploading the full (REAL) epilogue in one go next week, and that'll be the end of the end of adalsysla! ack ill write more then. feels weird!! SUPER WEIRD!
@hamncheese95: AW NOOOO YO IT'S THE POOR MAN'S PAJAMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shirt or nothing !!!!!!!!!
and make out they did...

I'M SO SORRY, AAAA they are the nastiest grossest lovebirds. "lets make out with our friends around. why not throw in the fact we're in their bed. cool by me"
YEEE double update !! FLEXES ARMS i set this as my goal for today and I DID IT...
YEAAa sandra is a trans woman...!! i feel like i might have dropped hints before but maybe i didnt but thats okay too?? sandra is sandra. B--) and Landlord is (to be confirmed next page)

ANYWAY sorry for the semi rushed page, im working a weirdly consuming job this weekend and i realized i churn out adal pages x2 a week next to jobs and school.. (praying hands emoji)
v v v PSA v v v
First of all, i must say i'm a little nervous about writing this, but anyway. It's important.. !!
I recently reread my full comic and was immediately bothered by the weird gender role shit jokes i pulled in the early chapters... People constantly ragging on säde's masculinity (as well as himself doing so and feeling insecure which is normal) as if it was funny, and god was i embarrassed to read it. I meant no harm of course, as the foolish 16 year old i was, but ohhh boyyy klsdhflks i was rly into stupid anime joke bs without thinking of such things critically.
I guess now at 21 i have a good excuse to do a chapter that focuses a lot on gender identity. I've been thinking so much about it and feel myself drifting further and further away from trying to personally suit any norms...
In a way this chapter is a lot of self reflection on past mistakes that I'm trying to retribute. I'm like LL who has gender insecurities but at age 16-17 took it out on others without thinking (SÄDE.. forgive me my son). This is my apology for the tiny nasty gender crap i pulled in the past and hopefully it makes things a lil better... In a way it's really comforting to know we are constantly becoming better people and I'm glad i can look back on my younger self and be embarrassed cuz it mEANS IM GROWING.... yyyaaaa
Anyway, thank you for reading all this!! i love youu aaaaasfklsfklsdf END OF RAMBLE... goodbyee eeEe
omg what a dweeb... i love this comic !! so glad i found it <3 <3
@hamncheese95: HORSE VIOLENCE SKLDHFkldf im laughing omg
buT BUT BUT gosh im so glad... i could like write a longass essay on why i made them canon endgame and not säde/linda ahaaa...
@boopedoo: YEHEE im so glad... IM HAPPY ABOUT LL BEING BACK TOO, it feels like such a joy aaaaa
but thank you!! it's fun to just mess around and try new things :---D
GOODBYE HOOD.............
October 1st, 2015
OHH MY GOD?!?!?!?!?! !!!! !!!!! :00000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO YAAA nice to see u live & well