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Im almost never on here anymore and if I am, I just read comics.

Any comics that I have made were when I was in Middle school and was really dumb, so unless I feel like I should continue them, I wont.

I might start making comics again while in College to try out different creative arts

Anyways if you care at all, I have a YouTube channel that I use a lot more then this, so subscribe there if you want.
YouTube: Jinx The Insane Gamer
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@Koren: Yeah, 13 yr old me was an idiot. He lied, did horrible comics, and decided to not use his brain. >.<
@GrovyleGoodbye125: Never, since i gave up on these comics

I'm back more updates soon
lol tails face in the last panel
In later ones they are so much worse -_-
all of the Pokemon is done by a person who every night at 2:01 am updates and draws all of the pokemon it's not a bad comic
Oh and i'm still researching something to help
@Fishboy: well the Comic strips will be most likely a little bit longer away but the last few characters i'm either gonna put them on today or tomorrow
sorry about your mom and that is the day after my mom's birthday 0_0
Total win about to happen maybe
Picture made by FlightFootWarrior
@caramelcustard: if i know the artist i will give credit most of this i got off of google images
the rest will be either apprentices or warriors
Not the same as firestar's daughter she's a fan character who's the medicine cat apprentice
Medicine cat is cinderpelt
Graystripe is the deputy