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is that Luxord and a kingdom Hearts reference in the back or am I just being a nerd.
Oh my dear jesus christ eternal it's finally happening... They're finally getting to /that/ level.
oh my god
what is context aklsdj
this page, wow it is so visually pleasing I love it <33
It's Axel and Roxas.
I don't know why you guys can't see it aha
no man, let's continue to call him Jesus Christ :'D
ahh Dylan smiling and slightly blushing ;v; <33

what a wonderful page, awesome work <3
you can do it!!
((ahh it was fun watching you stream!))
Dylan be a man! Be confident!!
cannot wait for the next pages, but I'm sure the cover will be amazing <3 ;D
Oh friends...
they betray you like that when you tell them you like someone ;v;
aha oh well~
not sorry cause he's going to have Joa :'D
Oh nO!
Dylan ! D:
He's going to eat something.
Maybe Mic is going to persuade him into eating something? O: Oh and Guava? yeah it's good ;3; eat it all the time at my Grandma's (she lives in Mexico) and even then its a bit hard to get a hold of ;v;
and the soccer team of tijuanna is xolos!!
lol random fact C:
this page looks great :)
it's lovely!! ;u;
i could tell you were trying your new style once I saw the page.. and it's true I looovvee webcomic that evolve as you go :)

( y tambien te quiero decir feliz cumpleanos~!!!! :'D que la pases bien y que te diviertas!! )
I understand that school can be a bitch and really no one can blame you!!
School is hell and I will seriously wait forever to see this finish as well as any other comics you might have!!

Siempre voy a estar allí para ti y tu arte porque es hermoso e increíble. Nunca voy a disminuir mi fe en ti :)
I think it'll be:
"What are you doing?"


"I demand blood at this very moment,"

Huh I did not know that.. ;u;
anyway, this page looks great!!
and he's gonna mention something about Mic isn't he?
This is just ..........amazing.!!
the detail, the concept that Gaia is in the middle of all,... unfff <3
your art is just way too amazing, brings chills down my spine~!