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this page, wow it is so visually pleasing I love it <33
It's Axel and Roxas.
I don't know why you guys can't see it aha
cannot wait for the next pages, but I'm sure the cover will be amazing <3 ;D
He's going to eat something.
Maybe Mic is going to persuade him into eating something? O: Oh and Guava? yeah it's good ;3; eat it all the time at my Grandma's (she lives in Mexico) and even then its a bit hard to get a hold of ;v;
and the soccer team of tijuanna is xolos!!
lol random fact C:
this page looks great :)
it's lovely!! ;u;
i could tell you were trying your new style once I saw the page.. and it's true I looovvee webcomic that evolve as you go :)

( y tambien te quiero decir feliz cumpleanos~!!!! :'D que la pases bien y que te diviertas!! )
I understand that school can be a bitch and really no one can blame you!!
School is hell and I will seriously wait forever to see this finish as well as any other comics you might have!!

Siempre voy a estar allí para ti y tu arte porque es hermoso e increíble. Nunca voy a disminuir mi fe en ti :)
Huh I did not know that.. ;u;
anyway, this page looks great!!
and he's gonna mention something about Mic isn't he?
This is just ..........amazing.!!
the detail, the concept that Gaia is in the middle of all,... unfff <3
your art is just way too amazing, brings chills down my spine~!
March 3rd, 2012
for creating amazing characters and a story to go with it <3
I think the end was great since we know that they are friends again and we can imagine if they have a relationship or not.. I hope they do :)

I also hope you don't abandon them and continue to draw them <33
January 22nd, 2012
I love his blue better but this makes him look really cute and child-like again <333

:) I dig the new hair ~!
you shouldn't have said anything D:

dude this is amazing <33
wait.. but doesn't Hartley have green eyes? O:
Booo.. they are so mean to Eric D;

Y es el mas BONITOO!! Esta diferente con sus ojos verdes ;D
well yeah.. Gaia kinda messed up there didn't she? Missed out on a very important detail..

anyway i love the stance Zeus and Hades are in... really random but hey! I like it <3
I kinda understand..
I mean they were pushed into the situation right? They liked each other but not like they did the people they miss....

:D new page! ya creo que estas en tu break si? ;)
tha is just breathtaking :D
Those people that un-faved suck. They simply don't care about your personal life and simply want to see two guys have sex. ;u;

I think your story is great, the story, the characters, the plot... everything is just so well thought out and to be perfectly honest... AMAZING.
Everything flows naturally and its just woooww. <3 I am going to keep supporting you no matter what!!

Y tambien ayuda que eres mexicana ey? ;)
jaja Creo que ya sabes quien soy ;u; siempre te hablo en ingles y en espanol. Pero todo lo que dije es la verdad y NUNCA olvides! :)
I found this today and I absolutely love it~!! The designs are great and from what I can tell so far you're doing pretty accurate for fantasy :)

(I get how it would feel to have an akward long name.. I'm Mexican/Hispanic/Latin whatever. My mom said If I was born a boy she would have named me Quetzocuatal (idk how you spell it) lol. thank god im not a guy.....
your art is always so amazing *O*
it's okay.. for your art its sooo worth it :)
November 5th, 2011
dude. that's amazing, your art style is just amazing. ; v ;