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and all this from one ember... who knew bugs were so flammable?
the last line is perfect :)
Riona forever!
Riona's my fave definitely. She's so adorable around sweets! I especially loved that little fish eyed face she made right before her adorable tantrum in page 7 of chapter 5. I love her voice and how when she does utilise it, it's scary even if she's saying something cute or ridiculous. I also love her fluffy hair <3
Haha, just grabbing onto his scarf completely disables Jet. Go Nilus! I love her!
I love the way IT types! I guess having no fingers means you have to type like that haha!
He really did surprise me whenever he turned up! I forgot he existed every time until I happened to talk to some bald guy and then BAM! when I least expected it
Just stick your tail onto it DT! That's a fire attack right there!
well, he offered it a curlywurly... didn't mean he let it keep it
LOL Sergio actually saw a magical transformation with his own eyes!
I just can't wait to see what he calls the pikachu :D Mousething?
Woah Hirn's face! that font you're using for that other dude is just perfect by the way.
My secret pokeball technique was to press the direction buttons in the opposite direction that the pokeball was wiggling lol
ooh, superhero costume time! Haha, Nilus's real form is probably costume enough.
the bubble tea nooo! seriously loving nilus here!
aww, look at herz's snotty little face
well, I was fooled too. D: I even knew what it meant. I thought cause y'know she caught the fox kid and his name was hotaru so y'now, firefly catching...
it's time for some minor acts of heroism! ooh, orange speedlines!
herz has some pretty out there experiences...
As soon as I saw it, I was like curlywurly! Aww atticus can be friendly too
aww, look at little zeus rubbing his tears away. because he wasn't crying. really.