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Nothing Much.
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I can't figure out what you guys mean by "boob displays"
I feel like a total derp, and it's probably becuase I just woke up and moved back in country a short time ago, but I don't get it... Someone explain it to me... T-T
I read that as "furret"
I beleive the pokedex once said that pidgies preyed on caterpi...
My Gym Leader Senses are Tingling
I wonder if he had a show too. ^^
Did not see that...
You did that on purpose...
And how many of us saw this coming???
I did!
The minute the one guy started talking about the roses, I thought this was going to happen.
I love how the bartender keeps using the phrases a nurturing mother would. ^^
Well, at least Drowzee isn't a Hypno or that poor pokemon would already be dead.
Becuase the night creates the right ambiance to create comics by.
Dragon cow, stop giving Chris ideas... And Chris, just go run into the forest and fulfil your adventure!
I'm getting the feeling that Kan is the ultimate troll of this comic... In a non-malicious sort of sense.
At least, his carefree attitude makes him seem that way.
Kittogo Nashumi
October 24th, 2012
And this is how we know a comic's going strong.

Just don't kill each other too much, guys.
Lest the reader's get another reboot becuase of a replaced admin.
Well this is an interesting twist.
I was expecting an accidental overdose, but this... This guy's a bugger and a smart one at that.
But now I wonder, is he simply an addict or is he trying to not get sick and watch the poor girl suffer?
somehow, i think that if she included words, it would be a bubble that contianed a mumble and the characters would be just as surprised as we are...
Wait a tic-
Three of one person in one timeline, touching each other!
The Doctor would have a fit!
This is just amazing.
The art style and the animations keep the page catchy!
I like seeing this side of Beetlejuice... I wonder if he's going to start haunting her?
Soulent Green
I remember that movie... It scarred. -.-
Hopefully someone else will get the reference too.
Julius, that guy has hearts in his eyes. You should know that that's NEVER good. Just save your little nephew before everything goes horribly wrong and the poor Sergio is scarred for life.
(I mean, seriously, if you were willing to imply yaoi at the very begining of the comic, then you should know what comes next.)
I feel like I'm to only one who would have enjoyed Rune's. I would've abused the crap out of all that power. (hehe)