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Hello, ma name's Hein c:
I cosplay, draw, sleep, write, spend hours on ebay sobbing because I'm poor and shamelessly read twisted yaoi's.
sob love me <-- dA for my cosplay <--- tumblr for the lawlessn0 comic

stay in school, kids
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bedtime yay
new character who's apparently spanish! (forgive if i use any words incorrectly, i've only studied spanish for a year or so :V )
bah i've been sick. here y'all go, you little adorable leeches
September 17th, 2017
heh hi
hey guys, I'm sorry for the
late update and just not informing you :'c I am incompetent sob
I've just been really depressed and unable to do anything productive, so the thought of even just going on the internet would totally wear me out and cause me teenage angst.
but I am back now, after a long enough break, and I'm ready for all of this c:
September 3rd, 2017
my kitty has pissed on my elbow and no soap in the world will get the stench off.
also, hey, Bando the cock-blocker. now people will Surely come to like him!
I just realized, I have the exact same piercings as Kylee. Welp, better cosplay him

That aside, yaaaaas
hello. yes, you. hi. you're beautiful
@silverbullet: happy to make it better c: I 🐝🍃 in you
@BertinDoutnik: ohh definitely - it's more surprising if Coke Isn't scary :'D
@vixenpills: unu thanks ;3; I tried a different shading technique right there so I wasn't too sure if it was appealing
ugh i'm so horrible at replying to comments :c just know that I Am reading them, laughing and being flattered and so on c:
it's 3 in the night here and Ive got work in a few hours, so goodnight from me :'D i'm so damn tired so any typos or anything, ooops, my brain will function well enough tomorrow in case there's need of any fixing c:
hello hi
with a slight character reveal uvu i'm so tired ugh, I need to reply to all of you wonderful people's comments D: when I've had a good rest

Lawlessn0 has instagram now! -with extra art and doodles and what not, yay:
hi again heh
I've been nasty sick for over a week - too sick to draw and live on the internet, heh. I'm well enough now, so enjoy some smut uvu
August 12th, 2017
wolf hates lube
I’ve had a “I hate my art” phase so that’s why I’m so late ;3; sryyy
but hay, have some attempt at color :'D
I got nothing to say, except for children, look away. unless you're rebels. then go on
@jury: thank youu (ugh late reply, that's how awesome I am)
I did sorta think of college or something as well c': then we just have to pretend they're all somewhat the same age, heh
@Rei_: keep living for the next pages and forever on c': we're just getting started~
@upshegoes: ohh thanks, the trip was good and fun. America is Vastly different from my country, so it was a bit of a culture shock xD but the heat was awful. Aaawful