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idk i draw
Thought I'd update the character info and found the idea of listing "rpg attributes" hilarious, so I did that too c':
Better quality image on my twitter
August 12th, 2019
I think, even if you returned to the black and white, it would still be absolutely gorgeous. do what makes you feel most comfortable c:
@SomiJuli: omg I think I forgot to reply to all your lovely comments!! D:
I'm so happy, you're enjoying this comic <3 your praise warms my super cold heart and please enjoy the future uploads as much as you have enjoyed all the other pages
chapter almost over c':
here i am hi
if anyone's a drama-queen, it's Bando. also, wow, Caleb went to Sancho and asked for help? :0
@DATBOI229: aw thank youuu <3
@kimiko: omg i'm sorry for my late reply ;_;
I love your comment and insight, you're so precious! welcome to this comic and it's ok to read some slightly gay shit now and then, although you're straight! I'm honestly so honored, you're reading this, I love you :'D
wow wow drama :0
there's a post on my news-feed on why it took so long to update, but I'm finally back :) jumping straight into the action here.
thank you so much for being patient and I hope you're all still alive after my long break <3
(in case of confusion, Bando was eavesdropping again)
@TinaLemuria: aaa one of the best damn songs!
since I can't upload anything at the moment and I feel like I need to keep you guys entertained.. I stumbled upon the first ever doodle I made of Coke, back in 2015. This was before I even had come up with the story, but this one doodle started it all. Quite nostalgic ;3; - also, this is a notably younger Coke.

my ko-fi c:
@unknown-phenomenon: aww really? :'3 I hadn't noticed, but popularity is always welcome ;9;
at least he still has his nailpolish :<
this page contains mushy feelings, ye been warned.
@TheNyborg: I don't know what to say ;_; I'm so overjoyed that this is your favorite comic on smackjeeves, as well as hella honored!
thank you so much for such a lovely comment as well as reading and pardoning my tardiness with updating. You're a gem <3
so much talking from Coke, wow
Since I didn't upload this weekend, here's some Wolf and Coke in casual attire.
Black and white version as well on twitter c:
did a speed-drawing video on it as well which can be found here
ay have a good weekend
Warning, althought you've probably already seen it, non consent
April 8th, 2019
@Ilovelukey: whoa IF you're referring to what I think you are, congratulations! I've literally been waiting for someone to point this out ;3; sugoi
hey i'm back uvu
I'm sorry to all of those who assumed Wolf was a virgin. it's a cute thought but this comic is intended to be more dark than cute :ccc