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idk i draw
@TinaLemuria: aaa one of the best damn songs!
since I can't upload anything at the moment and I feel like I need to keep you guys entertained.. I stumbled upon the first ever doodle I made of Coke, back in 2015. This was before I even had come up with the story, but this one doodle started it all. Quite nostalgic ;3; - also, this is a notably younger Coke.

my ko-fi c:
@unknown-phenomenon: aww really? :'3 I hadn't noticed, but popularity is always welcome ;9;
at least he still has his nailpolish :<
this page contains mushy feelings, ye been warned.
@TheNyborg: I don't know what to say ;_; I'm so overjoyed that this is your favorite comic on smackjeeves, as well as hella honored!
thank you so much for such a lovely comment as well as reading and pardoning my tardiness with updating. You're a gem <3
so much talking from Coke, wow
Since I didn't upload this weekend, here's some Wolf and Coke in casual attire.
Black and white version as well on twitter c:
did a speed-drawing video on it as well which can be found here
ay have a good weekend
Warning, althought you've probably already seen it, non consent
April 8th, 2019
@Ilovelukey: whoa IF you're referring to what I think you are, congratulations! I've literally been waiting for someone to point this out ;3; sugoi
hey i'm back uvu
I'm sorry to all of those who assumed Wolf was a virgin. it's a cute thought but this comic is intended to be more dark than cute :ccc
i mean.. he didn't have to Ruin a perfectly fine joint :c
baha sorry you didn't get your smut :'D :c
remember to check lawlessn0's twitter if you wonder why I haven't updated in a while etc. trying to be active there
@Dazombywoof: ahaha there's weed but not in my pockets and I usually don't scream it out c':
due to me being very busy with my job, I don't have time to draw a page today :c so instead, here's a group photo!
Better quality, textfree illustration on tumblr and twitter c:
February 19th, 2019
@Ilovelukey: super super late reply but I really like your insight and yes, so many red flags already uvu caleb bad
February 19th, 2019
eli fucking wolfgang
aka wolfie-chan
@WoodElf16: .//u//. ohoho
@legal22girl: Pc and ohdearlord mchanzo is my jam! Mchanzo and Roadrat occupies all my time