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Hello, ma name's Hein c:
I cosplay, draw, sleep, write, spend hours on ebay sobbing because I'm poor and shamelessly read twisted yaoi's.
sob love me <-- dA for my cosplay <--- tumblr for the lawlessn0 comic

stay in school, kids
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hai, new page c: I'm trying hard to draw decent laundry-machines ok? :'c
that stare-down. wow. much intense
I got so lazy with this page, sry if anything's super off lol
hay I like you guys btw
yay hey, I'm still responsible!
have a good weekend you lil lovable bastards
@LaBanshee: oh, thank you for your advice :) I just learned basic school-taught spanish, so I'm not very familiar with how differently people speak it depending on where they're from :0 I might write you in the near future, to ask if something is correct, if that's not too much of a bother!
@Guest: sorry for late reply, but thank you so much! :> I'm so honored that you love this comic and I hope you'll continue to feel the love uvu
I had a long day but finally I was able to finish the page c: my spanish is very rusty, so please let me know if I made any mistakes uvu
watch out for Wolf's nasty language!
Look at me, keeping my promises c:
February 27th, 2018
New page yaa
I've decided to up my game and after getting rid of a lot of stress and fixing stuff etc. I feel like I can really get involved with Lawlessn0, so I've decided to make updates happen
Every Tuesday, Every Friday!!
crowd goes wild

Also being much more active on tumblr now, so come ask me questions and pester me c:
Yes yes yesyyees

Also Kim's dickhead is so cute :3c
February 17th, 2018
hay hay hope you've had a good weekend so far c:

let's not talk about how short that tattoo guys' arm is ok
oml I really love the 6th panel, it´s so intimate!
February 8th, 2018
hey hey you. yeah you.
you´re precious
January 30th, 2018
@raephium: wah hah hah :DD the eye sees truth
January 30th, 2018
I haven´t slept in a while, so forgive typos uvu
January 20th, 2018
I´m sry it´s been so long :c a lot been going on, but my new year´s resolution is to update regularly c:
Kim looks rather well equipped :9
A random younger Engel drawing because I´ve been so absent lately lol uvu
I was fired yet again at the start of 2018 so I´ve been trying to deal with that. but now I´ll pick up the pace of updating Lawlessn0 c:
A late merry Christmas/happy holidays/kwanzaa/hanukkah/or whatever you have celebrated, and a happy new year as well c:
December 16th, 2017
text heavy page, sry :v