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Hello, ma name's Hein c:
I cosplay, draw, sleep, write, spend hours on ebay sobbing because I'm poor and shamelessly read twisted yaoi's.
I'm also rly awkward sry <--- tumblr for the lawlessn0 comic

Don't do drugs unsupervised, kids
@tufulolo: aw man, thanks so much ;3; it's comments like yours that truly make it all worth it and a nice experience c: <3 thanks a bunch!
forgive the sloppiness of this page, as well as the sudden NSFW material ;3; also, hi
hi, how you? :> really appreciate y'all still reading this
i don´t have much to say about this page. except wolf has no finesse
lol it's 5 in the morning, bed time.
hi c:
nsfw i guess?
hi, I haven't been good at updating lately, and yesterday I was celebrating my birthday, which is why I didn't update then :c today I am pretty busy, and was planning on drawing the next page, but didn't have time. so instead, I made some quick illustration of Engel and Caleb being adults. beware of butts!
You can find a black&white version on tumblr, which I honestly prefer c: nd-caleb
@Cherrypoprosa: haha sorry for late reply, but I definitely noticed it xD
dun dun
yeyyy flashback over. time to return to our inmates c:
egh. eghhhhhh. im late yeah. had some job complications. now i’m just tired and stuff and need to go to bed. talk to you all beautiful souls later. this old soul’s going to sleep u_u
so much text wow. there's probably some awkward typo, what do I know. I need a double-checker in my life lol
i have a job now, which is my excuse for why I´m 1 week late ;3;
also sorry if there are typos or anything, i need to go to bed!
(I realized I've put weight and height in the wrong order, sorry :< )
Honest to god feel like I should cosplay kylee sometime, seeing as we have the exact same piercings :'>
Also, scotty is a cutie
hey I'm sorry for being so late u_u I'm finally well now ha. ha.
lol im late sry
yo I haven't slept for 2 days so forgive if there's any typos :c
sry sry sry
I'm sorry for the delay :c
hope y'all are well and having fun and enjoying life! it's ok if you're not, it'll pass, whatever hardships you're facing uvu
@fujo/funda: nothing is wrong with you xD in some way this scene is hilarious because it shows just how hilariously crazy Coke's issue is
ah sorry for sudden blood, but I think we all saw it coming c:
@unknown-phenomenon: baha, your comment is delightful :'D
I'd probably eat him too, tbh heuhue
@Boi: wah thanks ;3; !
one day belated, but I managed to fix my computer c: sorta. it'll do for now!
on this page, Rhett tryna feed Coke his meatballs :9