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Child of the Night
I am very short, standing at 5'1" and 105lbs. I have golden blonde hair and big chocolate brown eyes (my REAL eye and hair color). I love horses, art, and manga. I write manga as well as actual books. The stories that got me started onto this site were MYTH by zelda99 and Hotarugari by salis. My dream to to be a pro mangaka and an equestrian vet.
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I LOVE Kae's face in the center panel!
OOOOOWWWWWWWW~!!!!!!!! We all knew the previous pages had to be a dream!
@Yuki Kioku: It looks like he's remembering the time when they branded him with the barcode/number. Also looks EXTREMELY painful!
I hope he sees the barcode tattoo and it gives him at least a small flashback! Do you have an e-mail list for when TEN and K-A-E will be sold online? If so, I would LOVE some more details about it! i am so beyond hooked on this story!
Kae is shirtless right now right? I wonder what Inori (Dez) would do if he saw that Kae has a similar tattoo to his. . .
@R-R-R-Remo.: I agree! Poor Dez is all but being emotionally torn apart because he can't remember the past!
HAHAHAHA! Inori seems to be jealous of himself!
I wonder if that general killed his dad or something of the like. He doesn't seem to like him very much...
I feel bad for Chris. She doesn't seem to pick up on the way he feels about his father.
OMG! I hope he gets better soon!
That is so epic! Congrats, this is the first time I have ever posted on a story page, that's just how awesome it is!
This is my favorite page thus far.
Your art is becoming really refined as you go on. Great job and I love your stories!
You art really reminds me of yuu watase's art! Great job!
How much do they cost for an autographed one?