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Are you kidding me?! I wouldn't miss the next update for the world!
( )

Bunny face text!
LOL. That's why living in Animal Crossing is hard on you.
Daisies, peaches. What's the difference?
A curator is the most grueling job in the world.
Link can't swim without Zora Flippess?
Three cheers for Link!
For Some Reason a Racoon Fur Hat is Starting to Appeal to Me
I think that's a little bit scary for Tom Nook. Anyways, he's a freak. I mean, you have to work with him. HE MAKES YOU. I hate Tom.
Are you kidding me?! This drawing is awesome!
No. I like the name Sarah better. I just do not like Amber... It reminds me of a mosquito stuck in golden sap... T.T
Amber's scary.