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Hugo Stiglitz
I am an Californian Artist from a town on the Peninsula... All I can say really... Except I am a huge fan of the eighties and the nineties, especially when it comes to music...
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    Spicy McHaggis
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sorry about this page being late, I assumed I set it up. Anyhoo, how does the story feel thus far?
I'm finally back, had a weird couple of days with completing finals, mostly long mind numbing critiques, but its so awesome to be back, even if it is two days later than planned. Ah well.
Sorry about the update being a day late, I put this page up two nights ago and it seems the image got eaten somewhere along the line... Anyhoo Happy Sunday!
Its been over a week since I started the 3 updates a week thing, its going better than I thought it would to say the least. For now I am testing out just leaving extra coloring on the pages to see how it helps the flow through the comics. What do you guys think?
Happy Saturday
Happy Thursday for the first time. I am going to change the name of the pages to what the chapters were formerly named, due to them being very much the same. A page now is what a chapter formerly was. Now to work on the characters xD

until saturday!
Should I continue writing in the margins, or should I stop? I feel like that maybe its too much and taking away from the imagery. More bizarrity next time on Thursday!
I also hope I can keep up a three day a week schedule! xD
Heres the more fully colorized page i was speaking about in the other page. Thoughts other than the lack of asparagus?
Today I messed around with more colors and the paint roller tool in ArtRage 4 and ultimately liked how the colors turned out. In other news, the 3 page updates will probably start next week as planned for whatever reason. Mostly due to homework and the lack of a surplus to build on. Remember kids, the surplus is your friend, if it doesnt seem like a good idea, you havent made one without it xD

Until Saturday folks!
So goes another week. I am planning on increasing the page output from 2 pages a week to 3 pages a week within the next two weeks or so depending on how much work I have... Until tuesday I suppose xD
Colors back, turns out bringing in stuff straight from artrage is easier to keep a good aspect ratio, than photoshop from Ptg documents. Who knew?

In other news: Lets Go, Netherlands! (World Baseball Classic)
This time I am experimenting with black and white, seeing what I can get with these colors... or lack thereof. What do you guys think?
Here is the new style, I am trying to get it to work better,its one of those comics that you choose which direction you go!

I'm still ironing out the kinks, especially with the coloring and panel shapes themselves... but thats for another week xD
Chapter End
So another chapter ends. The faux-flim look will be ending for a while with this chapter due to headaches trying to make it work, that doesn't mean the unorthodox paneling will end, oh no... its not over yet. In other news, the vatican will be deliberating over a new pope after Ratzinger's funky red shoes went on strike. Lets hope the new Pope will be hard on his employees (but not have a hard-awning). Until Tuesday... McHaggis out!
Don't worry, her mother is just slightly confused about terminology these days.... and many many other things... (exorcisms don't really work)
Thats right Matisse was the only "happy camper" of the early 20th century avante-garde. Now the Emperor Nero wants me to recite hamlet with a chicken voice... I also need to stop watching FLCL apparently.
I think I had way too much fun with this one... debating whether I should go back to a "normal" panel layout... happy Tuesday everyone!
Of ArtRage and Lemons
Just me experimenting more with the paint and colors in ArtRage at this point. Interesting program which mimics real painting so traditional painters can get a taste of what digital painting is like, and its also made for tablets. Only thing I can say about it is, its missing CMYK, but other than that its very reliable, you can save in PSDs and Tiffs. If you already have full Photoshop or SAI, I probably wouldn't get it unless its on sale somewhere or it comes free with a tablet or a computer, then by all means...

If you already have ArtRage 3 Pro, i personally would pass getting the upgrade to ArtRage 4, not enough updated stuff worth even 1/4 of the stuff.

I didn't mean for this to be a review of a program I have, but it is what it is.

In other news, I was picking lemons most of the day to find one of the trees growing spikes on its branches! I have no idea whats up with that. Any botanists in the veiwers that could have an hypothesis on this?
Alright, this chapter is a semi-autobiographical... one of my grandmas is an Uber Conservative Catholic who is in her late 80s. I havent stepped in a church since I was 15, and she assumes I am going to Hellike for being blasphemous... that and voting for Obama... Anyhoo see ya same time Tuesday...
Im not sure about British English, but bitch is also used to talk about female dogs as well in American English... either way, it says a lot about the time when the word was adopted...