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I'm an artist usually working in the manga style, though occasionally strays to realism. Comic work combines my love of drawing and my love of writing, but outside of those I'm a music junky and movie addict.
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@Eva: comic wise, this story is kind of on the back burner. I have ideas, but there are other things I'm working on that I've put before it. I do plan to come back to it eventually, however. I love these characters and I love drawing them! I'm glad you liked reading it!
Sorry for the delay there, I hit crunch time in summer school and had to devote my attention to that.
Weeee, so much skipping around the timeline in this chapter, sorry about that. That actually should be the last of it.

Side note; when Galen dresses up as Em, he almost always wears a skirt. XD I think I draw him in a skirt more often then Em~
Oh summer school, how you hate me.

I swear there is some humor ahead. XD You just gotta wait for it~
More twins!

This chapter kind of jumps around time wise, but I hope it isn't too confusing. :)
Oh look, a puppy :D
In hindsight, I realize it might not be clear, but Ramsus becomes sort of a father figure for Em and G. >>

And he's got a kick ass puppy named King. :D

Love that dog~
Galen's face...
Galen's thinking 'Am I making these the right size?' and Em's like 'Dude, my boobs aren't THAT big!'
@Star Seraph: lol glad to be back! I'm trying to get a lot of pages done at once, so I have back ups ready in case things DO get hectic XD
Omg THIS comic!
Kind of amusing that two pages back I mentioned I'd go to a weekly basis on this comic aaaand then didn't. Apologies, I didn't forget. Life's had quite a few changes for me! New job, back in school, ect. Good things, but its been keeping me busy. I do want to continue this project. Em needs her story told, ya?
@sakiq: lol guess that depends on what you plan to do with him XD he does have someone in his life that'd get VERY jealous, so keep that in mind~
@sakiq: Awe, thank you hon! I'm glad you enjoyed reading Lacus! It was a lot of fun to work on. And I'm sorry, you can't have Soliel. XD I have plans for him~

Happy Holidays!
So side note
I'm actually going through a bit of financial difficulty (and by a bit, I mean a lot). So if you're interested, I do offer commissions -->
Oh look, a page!
Sorry its been a while. I got back from vacation and life just kinda smacked me in the face. Should be back to a weekly update now.
@MegaAnimeFreak7: We shall see! When school and work stop kicking my butt long enough that I can work on chapter two, that is. >> I'm glad you've been enjoying Opalia and Broken Reflection!
@MegaAnimeFreak7: The darkness is an evil entity that came, conquered, and pretty much took over the surface of earth. The rp that this comic spun off from was about the fight against that darkness, but thaaaat's a whole 'nother story. XD In this comic, its only relevance is how many lives it took.
@Cainael: lol I'm glad you liked the comic so much! As for a sequel, I've got other projects I'm working on at the moment. I may come back to these two someday though. :D
End of Chapter 1
Decided to finish out chapter 1 all in one go, partly because I'm going to be busy the next few weeks, and partly because I really want to start working on chapter 2 in hopes we get to the more amusing parts soon. XD
Hn. That background will probably change... Not happy with how it came out.

Sorry for the delay in pages. Been home alone and having to pick up extra responsibilities... got distracted. XD but as an apology, you get three pages today. One for the day I missed, one for next week (which I'll probably forget) and one as an 'I'm sorry' for ya.
Quite possibly the creepiest thing I've ever drawn.
Love Eila. She's such a boss. :D