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@bruce, but the wii still sucks, end of story
Bre make ur kairi sprites right link
Oops wrong link don't click it mario fanboys
and thereall recolors.....anyway
Becuz one, you know how ou'r 'fans' are, they wouldnt read it if it wanst by you

Two, you'r rules are, 'anyone can join' wolfieboys gonna screw them, he's such a bicth, wanna know why? Becuz I think he's TO Disrespectful
Hey well I aint the hacker so I know that for once, just don't let wolfieboy make the comic, just keep this one with the thousand fans?

Yeah I think Wolfie is a total bitch,
So anyway, aside from his faggot self, yay comic!
And besides, the wii graphics suck, Only like 28% of the world have liked the wii, but the Ps3 is the shit, and so is 360, wii has alot of work to do.
Actuall the wii does not own all, it is the worst of the three, and PS2 came up with all this Eyetoy and Dreamcast came with the mic and and SEGA came up with the motion, thus, wii fails
Uhh, I HATE NINTENDO, And My Ps2 is still working, so idk, but not all Nintendo systems work great, the wii is a big disappint, and Ghost Fox is my friend now