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Wait....I'm confused. Is this before or after the Pea chapter?
This is so adorable! My feels!
*clap**clap* I believe in diagonal cats! I do! I do! *clap**clap*
Balthasar winds up for the pitch, throws....Strike!
Wow! Way to put a guy on the spot, Kes.
Oh, double entendre. What would comedy be without you? LOL!
I heard somewhere that you sleep better with someone on top....
Adorable. They're just adorable.
Allon-sy! (sorry, I couldn't help myself) *^_^*
oh...oh my gosh! Did Pifo lose his accent or lisp or whatever it was?
Gushing nosebleed!!
My bet is that its the lizard.
Of course a spoon! They're dull and will hurt more!
Is Martin just one of those guys that can't tell the difference between boys and girls? Without the obvious physical characteristics? I mean, yeah, Kes has short hair, but she looks nothing like a boy....Martin, you're so funny.
Ready...Aim....KICKS CAT!!
**Ears perk** Trade for security? I'm listening....
OMG!! Pifo certainly has grown and blossomed! What a hunk!!
LMAO!! I love Castalia's reaction: "That's the flower!?" Totally priceless.
@Joanna: Actually, Foxy lost his virginity before he met Lio. He said so in a previous chapter. But we don't know what role he played with those other girls. So the "experienced" ones would be Foxy and Wes.