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Well, in my free time, I'm making games. And I have sooo much free time :D

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    Dániel Varga
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Gotta draw something... Dunno what, though.
<insert lame be-bee jokes here>
Anyway, good character! :D
But totally reminds me of the Pyro from TF2.
1, 11, 9, 3, 7, 8.

As for who should be the next GM... I'm not sure.
I also agree with avatars >:D
I SHALL BE INVISIBLE! And thus, invincible.
You can do anything with E-DIY, I'm not planning any epilogue.
Eddie's font is Times New Roman, shame on everyone who didn't guess it.

Kree has the power (and the glasses) for bad CSI puns... YET HE DIDN'T TELL US ANY! >:C
This makes me angry! :D
I died of laughter while reading the two pages XD
August 16th, 2011
Totally looks like a cover for some sort of superhero book.

And I like it.
Hungary also uses YY/MM/DD. :D
@Kree & Blitzn'Burst
Well, it would be stupid to vote for anyone else. And I knew who would you vote for. And I wanted some surprise.

@comic page
I laughed at the second frame.
The Edgeworth shrug is also priceless.
I enjoy the drawing style of yours.
What are you talking about Kree? :D
There's PLENTY of AA games left!
Or you can even make your own!
I enjoy playing cases there, the community makes good ones.
Then it should be full of Magatamas and Apollo's bracelets! Ah, just joking. But if we would ever wanted roles there, those two would do the trick.

But we should just continue on with the normal Mafia if you wish.
Maybe, we could have a whole mafia round with witness testimonies, cross-examinations, evidences (forged or not), arguments, OBJECTION!s, and such, while keeping the original Mafia feeling, with murders at night and special roles.

But that would sadly require rewriting the whole "rules" part, but still, it would be awesome.
The flashing Testimony text on the top left, the names over the dialog box in blue...
But still, way too awesome.

Oh, and, where's the prosecutor when you need them? XD
* To Urb *
I had already placed my vote before you did your own presentation. And until that, I was sure you were a mafia member. It would be easy for you to kill anyone. Two against one? Heh.
Other than one baseless conjecture, you have no evidence that I am, in fact, infected. Okay, I voted on the wrong person once, does this mean I'm infected?

Furthermore, can anyone confirm that Urb and Six are really working for the police?

I can't say I approve that you're all making me sound like a murderer, but still, this game is more enjoyable than I thought. Especially after tons of PW:AA playing.
I... I was made to test out the brand new Do-It-Yourself robots and the new emotion system. The project was a huge success, so they started to make more DIY robots. Soon, the C0re was capable of maintaining 4, then 8, then 16 spheres at once. Of course, they were later used only for war (just imagine it! 16 different lethal weapons floating around and killing innocent humans!). And because I was unnecessary, they simply throw me out. And somehow, I ended up here, lifting around boxes full of... er... not sure what they contain.

As I heard, the NoCash nearly went bankrupt, but by selling the blueprint of the DIY robots to an other robotics company, they could pay their debt and continue their works. But what was that other robotics? I seem to discarded that data long ago...