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herm... i guess i consider myself a dancer, singer, and above all, an artist. I am mostly getting an account here because i love so many web comics XD
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September 3rd, 2010
oh my gosh!
I love World Ends With You! and this comic, it's so cute!!!
HES GAY!!! PLEASE BE THAT HE'S GAY!!!!! or something like he loves to watch Dora the Explorer XD
AW!!!! i wanted my friend to read it D:> i really hope it gets published though!!! i would totally buy every single copy!!!!
At first i thought, oh they would make such a cute couple!!! but now i am really glad that they are just terrible friends because it's so much funnier that way XD I really love all of the work you are doing! good luck with Hotarugari and i hope that there will be many more pages to come!!!