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Illustrator, wannabe writer and movie addict.

Currently working on Demented City and Azrael (Probably coming summer 2012)
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    Jim Hiro
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Sorry for more hiatus, I've been busy with life and not having a job and stuff! But we're approaching a nice part so I will try to get this thing going again. Woop!

(There's a donation button to the left in case you feel like supporting!<3)
holy crap!
i updated. a MIRACLE
chapter 2 end
yesh! the end of chapter 2. next chapter is alot more fun, promise :3
update yay!
enjoy the update, double pages! woot! 8) (the next pages is something to look forward to!!)
@Manga-Ka: That's odd :0 if they won't work you can try reading them over at deviantart <:3 (check left sidebar)
@lilmissbunnybitch: haha that's okay and I understand! XD and by 'don't read it please' i meant that if you tend not to like BL then you might not like this one because there are still boy/boy relationships involved. not a BL though :)
@lilmissbunnybitch: XD it's not a BL, no. but if you're homophobic or something then don't read it please
Back from the huge hiatus!!
I'm sorry it has taken so long. Won't take as long to update next time, I promise, haha XD

Demented City now has a tumblr:
There will be sketches and concept art and previews and other stuff there, so follow it if you're interested!
Thanks for the support guys and thanks for reading! <3
@Paul: Yeah, agreed XD I will re-text all the pages in the print
@brycie: ohmygosh yes, you get a gazillion cookies for that :0
@Masquerdoo: Actually he holds each one of them. He switches all of them around :)
Thank you everyone who voted for me on Smackjeeves Awards 2011 (DC won Best Coloring!!)
Sorry again for the lateness <:3c
Ohgosh!! I really didn't think it would happen!! Thank you everyone for the votes <<<33
finally got this done xD
the norway heart is to honor all the victims of the events in oslo last friday :(

I would not like to call it a BL, because it does not focus on a love story, but there is at least one boy/boy pairing in it, yeah. :V
I think you asked on an older page (?) if there was going to be a girl character? Might have been someone else but anyhow YES THERE IS several girls XD they just haven't appeared yet :D
Sorry for massive lateness, I had internet problems and blahblahblah...
Lots of OCs doing cameos here xD Read more about that at dA
June 10th, 2011
Narnia isn't quite like it used to be ò _ ó LOOK OUT FOR EVIL GOATMEN, RASPUTIN
There. Done. Hope you liek. 8D

@II Deathy II: Yes there are, they are not just introduced yet. But sooooon! :0
@Everyone else: Thanks! :DD
That's Natasha. xD
Congratulations to everybody who survived the end of the world today! Here's a comic for you :D
May 14th, 2011
give me some of that popcorn Rover >:9