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When I'm not with my band I love to draw. To create stories and beautiful visuals. For those looking for artists, creating and drawing characters is something I really enjoy!
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September 21st, 2015
Nice to see new content here! This seems to be very inspired by Ai Yazawa's work. Have you read Nana by any chance? The similarity is not a bad thing, it's just something to be aware of.
Really professional looking! :) I like the side-profile view of pain. For some reason I've found that a side profile view works extremely well with fear. There's really no right or wrong and showing fear in different angles works differently, but from my experience showing fear in a side profile shot gets me most invested in actual fear. Have you noticed something similar?

By the way, what web comics do you follow? What are the most inspirational comics to you?
I just signed in after a long break to see this posted here :D. What a coincidence! Great to have you back here. Don't even feel the need to post anything unless you want to. No need to take pressure, but I'm definitely happy there's a possibility of this continuing.
@cedarfall: This can't be serious. Did the driver really spend extra time and energy to yell at you on a matter that isn't really his/her business whatsoever? I'm a straight guy with no personal experience of people's attitudes to homosexuals (I didn't even realize people could have a problem with homosexuality until someone said it to me) but hearing stories from my bi friend and people around the world makes me walk around with my jaw on the ground. How an earth does one argue for discrimination on sexual orientation? I don't understand it.
Congratulations! Reading about this moment is surely inspirational for many aspiring artists. Did the emphasis of the story or the central themes change as you got older? Did the characters or your view of them change as you got older?
This is excellent. I really like how you can create controversy and story elements with these choices. I've seen a lot of collab participators who don't want to cause controversy and friction between characters, and that can be bad for the excitement of the story. That is not the case here! I'm very excited how the relationships of this character and Carmenina turn out. Maybe they know each other somehow? I want to make a follow up comic to this :D
I like the eye detail on the second panel. Also the continuing smoke trail in the different shots looks excellent :D. Oh, snap, she's not a fan of Carmenina for sure!
It took a while to read everything that was written, but it can be done. I'm very happy to see three pages!
@AshFisher: She looks very nice! I love the dragon roar :D. Can't wait for the other page(s)
@AshFisher: Yes. I intended the evening to be a meeting ground for every "major" city person to have a chance to meet other people and perhaps talk about new ideas or get funding or get networked etc. So absolutely, shop owners are more than welcome there. :)
This comic looks really interesting. I need to check it out some time properly. This page has interesting weight distribution when the grey shaded panels are on top and nothing but white underneath.
@AshFisher: Please, go ahead and post more pages if you have the inspiration. I also often have bursts of inspiration and there's no reason to stop that flow. If you have an idea on where to continue from here, I'd love to see it! :)

@Tailswish: Very nice to see you here! No need to worry. The joy of a free collab is not being obligated to anything.
This is very nice! :D The dragon looks good. Is there a model behind it?
This is great! I would be shocked too. One moment spouse's hair is long then there's a small blackout and boom, gone. :D I'd be like "Wait, what an Earth happened here..." He looks good with short hair. I'm happy to hear you have a second page for this, and yes I'd love to see a Dragon's Den in the city! Can't wait for the page!
Quite a while since the last update. Anyway, I'm planning on heading fast into the city meeting so don't worry about this scene dragging on too much longer.
@AshFisher: Yes, that is allowed of course! A joy of a collab is just to create and share with other people. Sorry I've been absent for quite a while :D. Been busy with drawing other stuff.
@NunaBunneh: Yes! Exactly the reaction I wanted :D
@AshFisher: What? REALLY? People like this actually exist? I'm so sorry to hear that. Then again, I'm happy it appears to be in the past.
Age: 24
Height: 169

Carmenina's real last name is Muttoone, but she changed it to conceal her past connections. She's a deceptive character and uses people's affections to achieve her goals.

EDIT: Oh yeah, she has one big weakness: Don't tell her she has short legs.
A mix of close-ups and larger shots looks very good here. Hyvä taistelukohtaus.