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I'm here for the yuri, and a bit of yaoi too!
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    Alex Pollock
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BTW, is Mr. Boss's cast picture intenionally broken? And does the same apply to Payton?
Oh, and your art is much lovelier now! It was great before, but now? Awesome-sauce.
HELL. FUCKIN. YEAH. When I looked at my fav's and saw this updated, I was like Wha. And yes. And update of my personal Favourte comic not called Milk! Hell yes. Sure it's not a page, but still, cool.
Oh my God, look! It's the cast (well, two of them anyway) of Side Walk Block! And....a bunch of other people I don't know. Are they also awesome characters of yours whose comics you'll randomly cancel? :P
The lack of action on this page is made up for by Jock's awesome expression and the promise of Jock/Sanders/trouser antics :D
I think Payton likes the bird!

Can't wait to see the scary high schoolers, will they be scary?
I love the casual way he says it. "I set fire to Jacks car." LMAO! XD

Last panel = 0_0
Haha, I love Payton's smushed up face in the 2nd panel! And how no-one even bothers to help her up! XD
Please tell me My Two Cents plus Tax won't end in an incrdibly depressing ending as well?
What. That can't be the end. Only evil people who hate everyone in the world would end something like this.