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Nah, no fight now. But it will be in next comic.

"So whatcha' gonna do" is a quote from Hulk Hogan, I know that from Sonic Wrecks.
Going on with Westopolis level. Do you like new text boxes? Tell me, what do you think about them, i may change my mind, if you don't like them.
well, in fact , i don't want to use them, they take too much time to make for me
I wanted to continue the whole "faker" thing, and in same time make Shadow defeat Black Arms... Also, i've changed back to CN's sprites, and i think i will still use them. And about faker thing - it will stop maybe in next "level", but hush...
When i was doing this one, i knew, that it may be not funny for someone... But to others it would be funny, so here it is. I needed to buy some time before showing Sonic, he will appear in next comic. Also, how do you like "moving in one panel" effect? I think that it may be quite messy.
Yeah, all it needs it's some practice. I got A rank on normal mission in Westopolis :P.
First appearance of humour in comic, but not last. The episode is based on mine... slow reflexes, while playing Westopolis for first time. I couldn't catch rings in flying part (yeah, i know, it may sound stupid, but it's true)
Part two of intro, showing our main hero - Shadow, and Black Doom. I wanted to make intro almost same as the game one, but it was hard for me to do the explosions part... ah well, when i figure out, how to do it better, i'll upload it.
Hey, thanks Arc_Hacler! Now, i can continue with comic. :D
Here's the first comic. If you played the "Shadow the Hedgehog" , you may recognize Shadow's monologue from game intro.