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Some snark, smarts, and uncommon sense, despite what life's been throwing.
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Well. All in all, I enjoy the story itself rather a lot and I'll continue to read it so long as I'm able.

I say give the pay-only stuff a shot and see how it all goes. (I'm not above paying a little bit for good art and story, regardless of whether it's adult material or not)
Hehe. Pretty sure those two are going to be doing the back and forth game for a lot longer than winter.

And excellent homage, sir :)
Even if he was hearing voices, none of them were talking about him.

And yay to the new background; that's 51 flavours of awesome right there :D
Peter's expression may very well turn into a user-icon; that's classic :)
Sure the majority of us saw it coming; doesn't make it any less awesome.

(Can we have this as a background?)
(long time reader, finally getting around to talking...)

Speaking from experience, it isn't just the feeling that you've failed that nags at you incessantly. It's the fear that maybe, just maybe, they're right, that you have become something utterly horrid and you can't seem to find otherwise when you look in the mirror. It has this way of eating up one's mind and soul that I still find hard to fully explain (since I'm three years free from my own experience)

I think, for your side of things, sometimes all you can do is wait and be there when it's reached the breaking point.