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Miss this comic
Hi Peregrin,

As the creator of the comic, I kind of miss it too. I would like, at some point, to bring the comic back. Right now I am working on creating the comic as a live action web series. Or rather, I am creating a live action web series based on the comic. Most of the cast is in place and I am working on the scripts. I hope to start filming sometime in the next couple of months.

I have already filmed some of the Idiot Tests with the actress that is going to be playing Bambi Ballass. Those films and some other projects we have worked on are on the Sparrow's Eye View YouTube channel. Here is the link to it.
white4lima - I want to show you something. This link is to a portrait that I created a couple of years ago. It takes me almost as long to create one episode of God Hates Bambi as it does to create a 9 x 12 portrait like this. -h/1Jolie.jpg

I can create comic art, I'm just not good at it. So, it takes a really long time for me to come up with something that is decent. The kind of art that I do feel I am good at takes a lot less time. Here's another link. This is to a blog post where I describe how to use colored pencil.

This is the kind of work that I am very comfortable creating. I was hoping that I would find a groove in comic art as well. But I'm afraid that just isn't happening. :-(

If I don't find anyone to take over the art, I will continue the comic, but I might end up scaling it back to a couple of comics a week, or I may revert to an easier method of creating the art. I'm not sure. I'll just have to play it by ear and see what happens.
The bottom line is that as much as I want to be, I am not a comic artist. It takes way too long for me to create the artwork for each episode and I need time for other Bambi projects. Just to give you an idea of what all I am working on:

-Pop/hip hop God Hates Bambi song.
-Music video for said song.
-Several God Hates Bambi short films.

Non Bambi related:
-New art instruction book on the way called The Real World of Colored Pencil.
-Organizing a major art show in the St. Louis MO area to be held some time this summer.
-Graphic novel based on an original crime thriller screenplay.

On top of all this, I'm training for Roller Derby. So, yeah, I really need a comic artist. :-)
I think the comic speaks for itself today. LOL
Yeah, I know. Today's comic is actually a photo-manipulation instead of a hand drawn comic. I was having trouble evoking the emotion that I was looking for with the hand drawing, but this presented it quite nicely. :-)
You are welcome JJ. This is a message that every young LGBT person should hear. If you could help by continuing to spread the message that it gets better, I would be extremely grateful. Let the younger generation know that there are people that love them and will help them. They need to know. They need our support.
I hope an idiot test is OK with you guys for today. I'm fighting a nasty sinus bug and had three 32 x 26 paintings to complete this week for an art reception tonight.
You guys are awesome, just so you know :-)
Things haven't settled down yet, so I'm afraid I had to use the same graphic that I used on Monday. Sorry folks. But at least the story is continuing. No matter what, I have to have new art by Friday. Thanks for understanding.

There is no way that conservative republicans will vote for Bambi. That just won't happen. So lets say that without Bambi, 40% of the vote goes to the republican candidate and 60% goes to the democratic candidate. The democrat wins. Now let's throw Bambi into the mix. 40% are still going to vote for the republican. But 25% vote for Bambi. That leaves 35% going to the democratic candidate.

40% Repub
35% Dem
25% Bambi

Republican wins. From the beginning, this was Ted's way of ensuring that Obama was not re-elected. Tomorrow he explains his reason why he is having a change of heart about this.
Fu! It's amazing what the brain does isn't it? That is part of what I teach in my pencil portrait book. I try to explain how the brain makes you think you are looking at something you aren't. Two ways that can be used in art. One is using art to fool the brain. The other is training yourself to look at what is actually there instead of what your brain tells you is there. It makes reproducing an object much easier.
Before the haters get a chance to complain, I just want to state out front that, yes I did copy and paste today's comic. There is a GOOD chance that Wednesday will be the same image. My schedule has been nuts the last few days and this week isn't shaping up to be any better. :-) Sorry folks.
Nice guess, Tablix. But I'm afraid that's not the correct answer. :-) But thanks so much for playing. LOL
I actually had the voice of god from The Holy Grail in my head when I was writing this one. :-)
@rgromes - Very interesting story. I like they way you put a human face on the demon. It works very well.
I enjoy creating the story of Bambi and I think moving to a story based comic was a good idea. But I do miss the jokes. So, I decided to start including some of Bambi's comics every now and then.
Brenda called Brother Ron because she is panicking about Ted knowing her secret. Next episode will be between her and Brother Ron.
I was never happy with my original concept of Kanta. Since I am completely redoing the style of art for the comic I decided to completely redo her character as well. I suspect that I will get a lot of mixed reactions, but this is really closer to what I had in mind from the beginning.
@Tablix, Yup, that's Bambi. I am updating all of the characters. You will see the new Kanta on Monday. She is changing a quite a bit. I hope it isn't too much of a change for people. I like it a lot better than what I had before.
Thanks. I might work on color in the future, but right now time constraints are keeping me from doing that.