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ahh, i'm sorry! infections suck so much. ;-; i hope you feel better soon~ ♥
also i love this chapter already, knowing its about these two!! i've already been curious about Daniel and Noemi, so i'm so excited for this chapter. :]
Chris, nooooooo. ;~;
someone as cute as you should not be suffering!!!
i can't wait for the next update ;-;
what an amazing ending for an amazing comic!! ♥ ♥ ♥ 8___8 ouch, my heartstrings.. i've been a silent reader of your comics for a long while, and i've always adored your art style and characters.. this one has got to be one of my most favourite comics i've ever read heh ;u; ♥
oh god i love this page, it's all sorts of adorable ♥ Eliza is the cutest thing ever, i wish she wasn't dead 8-8 i love Chris in this page, he looks so blank at first and then suddenly that face-> B)
now that i look back at this, it looks so bad LOL
i'm gonna have to redraw it later
this is so precious holy crapppp ♥ *A*
Marco and Jun are both adorable omgg
i absolutely love this.. <3
SO CUTE I THINK I DIED &#9829; &#9829; &#9829;
LMAO that's so random, and Xander looks so surprised LOL &#9829; i love the details you've done with the skeleton, that would take me so much time haha
ahhh, how cute! i love the eyes, that was a really good idea~ he seems like a lovable guy ;u;
oh my god adorable!!! i love the real hair, it's so different? i love the neon pink shirt too &#9829; &#9829; Such a wonderful addition the drama club :}
omgg so handsome! i love his eye colour and of course the hair haha <3
the shirt is adorable too, i think it looks fine!!
whoaa the COLOURS &#9829; there's so much shading and lighting to this, i love it!! and Chris, of course, i love him too.. ;~; he looks so upset, poor thing.
IT WAS A LUCKY GUESS &#9829; &#9829; &#9829; i'm so happy that you like it, and thank you so much for the advertisement, it means a lot!! :}
i adore him so much he's so goddamn cute HGHghHGhjg
what a fashionable metro boy he'll fit right in ;-; ;-;
i love his cross
and his everything
and his hat and his eyes
but i love him so much
oh god he's so cute that smile aaaaaa
i love your art style it's so different??
the pants are adorable haha ;-; &#9829;

both Dossy and Kiri are adorable!!
Bruce will probably confuse the two a lotffff
oh no, it's fine! i've added you to the slots &#9829;
i love his hair!! :} omgg &#9829;
also his tattoos are hardcoreee
yeah Gunner's a real mean guy, but he can have a nice side at times! poor Ezatti LOL
ceecee i will hurt u >8| >8| >8|
no seriously i love ur art you shouldn't feel put out or anything augh!! i don't understand you, honeypie 8~8
your art is so pretty!! &#9829; lol him and Bruce sound like they'd be great friends ;v ;