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i like alot of different things... musicals, paintings, sculpture, some anime but not others, some movies but not others, playing outside, walking, playing inside, stomping in puddles...

i'm just a happy fool most of the time.
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Sing along with Kitteh! ^,^

In case you've never heard the song, here you go :)
@monkeypainter: Urg. Star vs the Forces of Evil. (not sure why my brain picked universe instead ^,^)
@DarknessShallFall : I dont know why, but you mentioned Gravity Falls, and the theme song from Star vs the forces of the universe popped into my head. Have you ever seen that?
Hugs and looooooooooves :)

Take care of yourselves out there!
@DarknessShallFall : When I was drawing this, David was the primary doctor :)
(Matt hadn't quite appeared on the scene yet)

@DarknessShallFall : in all honestly, it's no weirder than turtles :)
(and they have a copyright and stuff :) )
This week, it's sketches from the stacks :)
LOL... despite Kit being good in the previous comic, other life situations landed her right there again.

Oh well :)
Kit was super good when she visited.
You have my word on it :)
I haven't found any ceremonies that have suited me, and I've come to peace with that.

I hope you find what you're looking for out there :)
@DarknessShallFall : OOOO? I don't know this comic/story.

At the time I was re watching Cowboy Bebop. The episode in question was called Toys in the Attic :) (it's a lot of fun if you've never seen it :) )
@DarknessShallFall : Mine tooooo :)
om nom nom nom nom :)
When a fist stops in mid air, you can feel the air rushing around the targeted area.
True story.
Boundaries matter. Pick what is important to you. What you want, what you don't want.
And then stick to them.

Aunt Bea and Pup actually do have this agreement. There are things Aunt Bea knows never to expect from Pup.
And vice versa.
@DarknessShallFall : I like it :) that totally works :)
Talking while moving helps me sort out details.
How bout you?
Does it make it bettah?
(seems like it to me :) )