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i like alot of different things... musicals, paintings, sculpture, some anime but not others, some movies but not others, playing outside, walking, playing inside, stomping in puddles...

i'm just a happy fool most of the time.
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What the hell, Jessica?
Pretty version is up now! woo hoo!

Don't forget to check out on Sunday for the Chinese New Year comic!

Welcome year of the earth dog :)
May this one be a very good one for you ;)
Puppy has had a rough couple of days.
Readable up :)
I'm feelin a bit beat up today. I will get a cleaner version up, but for now :) here we are :)

And if anyone thinks, heeeeeeeeeeeeeey, Lucky's robe is familiar...
Yes it is :)

Bringing Up Baby (1938)

I highly recommend it :)
We all have that one friend who won't wait.
When someone really has it out for you, where can you hide?

This is why we fight.
Sometimes a painting sticks in your mind, an then you end up with your own version of it.
It was never meant to be an exact copy tho. And it never could be.
One image, to bring life and inspiration to another :)
If you've never seen the original of this, you must.
I'm sure you've seen oodles of parodies by now :)
move it move it move it!
"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." -Maya Angelou
No books were harmed in the making of this film :-P

The Hobbit came out in 1937, and was, as it is termed, an instant classic.
Readable comic is up :)
For all the fans of Castle, that precinct is for you :)

readable up! cleaner in the future.
I'm hurting pretty well, and I need to go "run an errand" to make life better,so I wont hurt worse in the future.

this will take some time to do though.

ah well :)

Life, and we adjust :)
Take care out there :)
Thank you again for all of your patience.

It's been a weird couple of days.

Take good care of yourselves out there! :)
Sneaking is a dangerous business.
Good luck!
Quinlan's a curious chap indeed.
@monkeypainter: and of course, critique my alt text performance. If it's too dull, say so :)

I really want to learn!!! :)

Thanks again :)
To readers with visual impairments, or others who know how accessibility readers work.
I am testing the idea that the alt text of a comic page could be read to a person who might have difficulty seeing these pages.

Would someone who has a reader (or knows how to get one to test it) test the thought?

I would love it if these comics could be read to people.

That would be so happy :)