i like alot of different things... musicals, paintings, sculpture, some anime but not others, some movies but not others, playing outside, walking, playing inside, stomping in puddles...

i'm just a happy fool most of the time.
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HERE WE GO!!! :)

I hope you enjoy :)
It was very worth it to me to clean this page up fully before posting :)

happy happy!
beaten for today
I'm hurting still. Been doing my best.
I have to go to sleep now though. (1:30am)

So the new page posts 8/19/17 instead of 8/18.

Take good care of yourselves out there!
I'm hurting pretty hard today folks ;)

is a fact of life.
a lot is going on.

And of course, today's page, is a non dialogue page, so I can't just post a readable ^,^

ah well :)

So, thank you for your patience, I hope you enjoy the drawing ;)

and I'll be there soon as I can be ;)
Don't worry Pup, I'm sure Kit's got a good idea...where ever she is.

In a lot of pain today. Will fix this page up some more over time :)
@Text suggestion: I think you're right. I'll get that fixed :)

Thanks! :)
Pekin's view is this. Law is to serve society.
That means EVERYONE in society.

Cat, Mouse, Dog, Duck... does not matter. He believes that the law is for the good of all the people he works for.
Rough page up now for reading purposes, prettier page to be put up later :)
Pup, you in danger girl.
4th walls were meant for bending and poking :-D
Pup's always applied the law carefully.
People do that all the time it seems.

"I don't want to be caught being like this guy, so I'll beat him up. That way nobody will suspect me!!!"

Rubbish, horsehockey, and it only makes the offender look that much worse when it all comes to light.
It's far better to face who you are.

and even more so, to embrace it :)

Hope you are well out there!

(don't worry, and sit tight for the rest of it. as Millie said, Ralph's got Pup all wrong)
Raw (ish) but readable :)

I'll work to get a cleaner version up later :)
For now, On with the show! :)

Hope it works out between Abbigail and Clara ^.^
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

SO busted.

No halo for our hero, eh? :)
@WiispNightmare: oh yes, definitely having fun with it :)
(sometimes i worry a bit too much fun... i think i started off with the idea of a film noir :-D but this is way more Thin Man than 3rd Man ^,^ )

It stretches my brain hard :)
@WiispNightmare: I am extremely glad to hear that :)
I worry sometimes ^,^

happy happy happy :)
@laurie jones: I am fangirl squealing so hard right now :)

I had no idea you'd ever see this :)

and i absolutely meant it. I love that film :)
Thank you for making it :)
@monkeypainter: PS: it's actually funny. here in this comics world, the gender of a partner does not matter, it is the genus/species that gets the conservatives in a tizzy. A frog and a Quokka? Society would crumble!!!!

(as I write for these characters, I dont know that these two are a pair, I just enjoy the playfulness and devotedness of them as people)
More cuteness, eeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
I have a bit too much fun with Jack ^,^
Could you see Fin as an accountant?
@WiispNightmare: I've been curious. How have you found this detective story so far? (it's my first attempt at a loooooooong story)

Have the scene shifts been alright? Is the continuity working for you?

(I'm pleased with my stuff thus far, but worried ^,^ cuz I do that sometimes. well, we all do :) )