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i like alot of different things... musicals, paintings, sculpture, some anime but not others, some movies but not others, playing outside, walking, playing inside, stomping in puddles...

i'm just a happy fool most of the time.
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If you will please, whether you liked or hated this page, please stick around for friday when I post 2 important follow up pages.

I hope your Wednesday is treating you well :)
* for the record, I do not mess with the drawers in the doctor's office.
I just imagine Kitteh doing it instead :)
I'M A BUG!!! ^,^

(after all these years, that still makes me snortgiggle)
I've never messed with a classroom clock.
But I've witnessed other students do it.

Teachers catch up with that really quickly though. They'd check their watch, and that'd be it.
Holding hands is a truly wonderful thing.
Pup is a Who fan.
and Sod About was about all of their stuff that I could fit onto a licence plate ^,^
Call finally came for Kit.
Only one call could come through at a time!
No messages could be left, if crap numbers were taking up that call!

the horrors......
Reminder to those reading, I wrote the original story when I was going crazy waiting for test results, and what they could tell me about my lifespan.

As a result, there are gaps.
The next, "between here and there" I have no way of solving.

Also, I'm sick and needing rest ^,^ yaaaaaaaay!

So, regular pages resume with a bit of a skipjump on Monday :)

Thank you for taking this lil trip with me :)
Control is an illusion.

All we have really is, "If I do this this way, there is a 75% chance, that person A will go in that direction, and person B in the other".

It suuuuuuuuuuuure looks like control though...
You can't control what anyone does with your lessons.
You can only hope they use it for what's best.
(and a what's best that you agree on)

So yes, if you need a definite answer/promise from someone, you pluck up that courage, and you ask.

And hope again for the best.
"It's not cause I like you or anything" :-P
Careful the things you say, children will listen.....
sooooooooooooo squishyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
For those wondering, why the previous "fill in the gap" page?
It is because Pup can drive. And so there's no reason for her to be running.
(a fact I completely forgot when I wrote the original story. oh well :) )

I hope this Monday has found you well <3
The thing about people calling me a weirdo is, it says more about the person saying it, than it does me.

For example: I have been called strange for sitting down when I hurt. (In the middle of the mall, but out of everyone's way)

Granted, I didn't look conventional, but It told me, that that person, in saying that to me, wouldn't take the step they needed for their health.
The idea of doing that actually kind of scared/embarrassed them.

Something to keep in mind as you interact with people.
Most noisy and repetitive indeed.
@monkeypainter: Also, if you have not gone and seen She-Ra and the princesses of power (available on Netflix) please please please, do yourself a favour and go see it now.

about 15mins an episode.
Made of absolute cuteness (and darn good story telling)