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i like alot of different things... musicals, paintings, sculpture, some anime but not others, some movies but not others, playing outside, walking, playing inside, stomping in puddles...

i'm just a happy fool most of the time.
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WebMD is home of many worst outcomes for broad symptoms...
Ralph is the master of lead ins.....
Ah, the Fallout series....

The only time I will ever attempt to carry 3000lbs of stuff, and live to tell the tale ^,^
I wrote this story, while I was waiting for a diagnosis to my troubles in 2014.

We seem to all end up here one way or another.
Hanging out at the doc's office, test or another, and another.
(and a couple of goofy nurses along the way I hope. (mine were pretty awesome)
asking the big question......
I am revisiting this cute lil story, as it is a good lead in to the next story to come.

I hope you are having the best day that you can today.
and take good care of yourselves out there!
Sunday comic page is up at:
Those poor flowers :-P
dog pile dog pile dog pile!!!!!
Because Monday should start off with a joke, and bagels... (specially the everything kind...yum!)
cuz you know it'd happen ^,^
Fluffy warm kitteh! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)
Sometimes Kit manages without a scratch, and Pup needs the extra care :)
Sunday comics are appearing at

I had to do this when I made a longer story, so as to not disrupt the flow. And now that I've done it, I'm fond of it :)

So, yus! Don't forget to get your sunday comics there!
(I should start making a proper pop in post for this page...that would be wise ^,^)
A fun fact, stress is not always necessarily bad.

(Kitteh is soooooo busted)
Her invention's intention's in the right place ^,^
New page coming tomorrow!
Thank you for your patience and understanding :)
For reference... I'm this bad too :)
Back on track! (somewhat)
I am super happy to report, that while my arm is still burning, it is way less than it was before.
I'm still staying away from "finger scrolling" and mousing. Those two activities seem to cause my arm the most grief.

If I continue to be good about the above, and keep a slow pace about the work for a little while longer, I'll be A-Ok :)
(good thing I have a little buffer to work with)

Please, take very good care of yourselves out there!
(you're the only you we have)