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I'm a ceramic artist living in lancashire england
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    Anthea Travis
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I had a customer like that once...
you get the odd desire to ban people from the shop forever just so you don't have to talk to them again... maybe thats just me
it's a shame they don't do standard sizes in stupid...
no the rest of the team would never have accepted it in the first place..... well most of us wouldn't have
I don't think there are actual humans... its all just lies
we often get people coming in just as were trying to close up and taking an hour and then we have to clean up all over again...
so not funny...
if you have to ask if a hat is too tight,
then yes it's just cut off blood to your brain
i hadn't read this for a while
and I'm really liking the new style and the fact that I showed up
your penguins look a lot like crows in that last panel I know your squashing them in so its hard to get them penguin like but don't blame me if this leads to a mass of crows in the hq
oh dear
two dead.... I doubt perse will kill herself....
although she can be quite selective of the people she kills, the trick is to be really nice...