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February 9th, 2012
I'm just going to put this right here.
December 2nd, 2011
@Dayea: I love drawing them so very much.
late update
I caught the black lung sometime this last week, and couldn't make it to my computer. So, two updates today and I will get back on a normal schedule
September 15th, 2010
is anyone else excited that I'm on a regular update schedual now? I know I am.
last update for a bit
I need to reattach my scanner to my computer before I can put up anymore pages.
Hopefully I will get that taken care of this weekend.
as a note
Abby and Eli are glaring at each other, not Anwn's butt
I know I said tomorrow, but I've got time today and tomorrow I wont
end of part one
all of part one in three days?
It's so much faster to repost this than it was to draw.
tomorrow, part two
I hate how this page looks
I didnt like it when I drew it 2 years ago, and I dont like it now.
on to the subseqent one
the comic its self is well over 100 pages and every thing does become strictly pencil and hand lettered after a bit.
Despite all else?
I still think his little speach borders on creepy... just saying
All the better to see you with
I love his glasses and those pants are orange and green
I remember being so proud of this page, and it's... wow.
please move on
too broken to bother
ack, typos hurt me, but the originals were lost so long ago I cannot fix them
I would give anything to sleep
For the few who have already read this on its old site, yes, I did skip the first 10 pages. But they are 2 years old and frankly? not too good
For new people... hai