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I have not clue. I like to draw and run. A weird mix I know.

Right now I'm working on writing something. I know everything I want in it but I'm bad at getting things to flow nicely. I won't start drawing it until I'm sure it has a beginning middle and end the flow and don't suck.
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O I never said the random mystery was bad or anything. I think the whole comic is cute.
Poor art pen flooding, I had a pen explode all over my hand the other day.

Personally I enjoy your random comics better than the mystery because for some reason the arc of a mystery makes it less random for me.
Kermit the frog! ^_^ I have a friend whose a little or was once a little obsessed.
I really enjoy all the inner dialog, it's cute
YAY, Go a week without, and we get massive updates ^_^ THANK YOU I love your comics
Yay, I didn't feel good, but just seeing one of you comics makes me feel soooo much better.
I think this is the cutest comic. I happen to know java, and this is fun. At first I was kinda like AHAHAHAHA at just seeing System.out.println and then I'm like, yes finally somethig I can relate too. Keep it comming ^_^
I like the comic alot, it's cute.
The words are too smal on this page X_X.
Yay, it's not so big anymore ^_^. But now the words are a little too small, at least for the girl.
If the images weren't so HUGE the comic would be a alot better
A whole week *insert sobs here*

I hope you have fun at home.