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Alright, I admit, I'm hooked. Can't wait to see what happens next, although I have a feeling it's going to be bad. By the way, not sure if this has been pointed out before, but there is a game called Dust: An Elysian Tail and I actually thought this was some Pokemon/Dust crossover at first glance.
I like the Owl. I like his music mostly. I normally will ignore everything he says and just listen to his theme for a bit. I wish he had a bit of a backstory to him.
I love how N is in this comic, he's such a kid and a complete dope. I love him!
Is the daycare man mute?
I love how you draw Vulpix and Ninetails
Groudon's face
That's the face I make when I take the last cookie!
Are you going to try to do all of the genorations? I just got me thinking on how you did gen 1 and now your doing gen 2. Also, is Gary going to be anywhere in this comic? Because i'm a bit cureus (can't spell) on what happened to him three year later.
It'll be so cool if Eix made that Totidile water and dragon.
♫It always feels like, somebody's watching me!♫
Damn it! I can stop shaking!
Question: I've been wanting to ask you this for a while. Do really play the pokemon games then write what you did in comic form?
Sweet! Two of my favorite video games in the same comic! You rule!
That bug guy is such a jerk! Can I throw my shoe at that bug or do you want to do it?
Don't kill the Mightyana!
Are yo ever going to start updating Pokemon Omega again. That comic was awsome, not saying that this comic is bad or anything.
Char: I'ma Firin ma lazor!
Haunter: *In small voice* Oh snap...
Consiter yourself lucky you have Black/white because I don't have it yet. What starter did you get? Random question but its like the first question you ask when someone has a new pokeomn game.
This comic rules!!!