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Cruz. Spriting since '10.
skype: PM me if you want it.
Help: again, PM.
Im just a usual spriter trying to fit in here, got a few good friends, dont be shy guys, talk to me! :)
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alot better than the original, well done man ;^^
it was okay, bit chubby..
hopefully this will help you dude, give you ideas on how to improve.
@Risky2k: the new one is the brighter one i think..
punch a wall.
i like the sprite, but in some areas to me it looks overshaded, also it is very similar to helis sprite in alot of ways.
What do you mean by fix the pants?..
Hopefully this will make up for it. Its 100% custom, C+C please?
oh, well thank you, but im hardly a high-ranking spriter :')
oh, well thank you, but im hardly a high-ranking spriter :')
first of forest, dont beg, your not a homeless cat, second, im making a tut comic soon and ill pm you the link to it, hopefully it would help you so you wont have to ask others.
new cruz sheet, sorry i bumped you meta, i wanted your C+C ^^;
forest why dont you actually sprite for yourself.
good as always man, maybe make the quills longer, and use 3 shades.