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I'm like everyone else. I comment.I fave. But I don't rate. Why? If you wanna find out how good the comic is READ IT. Seriously where did smackjeeves go wrong during showing how much you like the comic?

For teh stalkers. I live on the left side of Alaska surrounded by siberian huskies. I'm in a log cabin sharing tea with the president and Anakin Skywalker. But of course I lie.
Credit to Keetah for the avatar.
We may need to raise a few ages but I allow it.
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See ya Senal. For now.
....I sorta am.....

Anyways I don't remember an Egg Tv in Shadow The Hedgehog. I barely remember it.
Wham is trying to help Mega by fuuuuusiiiiing.
I'd say it'd take at least 4 minutes for Anta to get her in bed.
They were created by the 'mold' Antavious and then altered from there. Is that correct?
Re-write: So you explained if you were a king you'd be an asshole. If you were a scientist you wouldn't be a pacificst, you'd change your name. Author mode gets a chao and Purified Aegis, and is obsessed with sex.

It looks awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee.
But I liked the lazer eyes that never existed. D:
At least it isn't a game over.
Who the bloody hell is rose?
Mini-flying gutsmen faces are now hated.
This took you a day and a 1/14. AWESOME
GRIM *shot* (obvious name is obvious for obvious reasons)
Can I use this as an Avi?
Btw Awesome. ^_^
Least you could do was buy him a copy. Btw awesome
Okay. Here's the thing. Syeed did nothing. Your lame squad of lets get syeed banned just because he delivers tough justice how I like to call it "Band Of Haters" are going to do nothing. You must have a legit reason to get all his accounts banned. So unless you have a legit reason to ban him I don't wanna see ANY hate comments towards anyone unless I see legitness. Or I'll give the same lecture. Marioman or whatever the hell you call yourself.