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That comic guy
I like drawing stuff, I guess
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    Kaj Jackson
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damn i havent commented on this account in 6 years
hey if we aren't logged in it's probably not us talking. ignoring the last few comments,
yeah we've all moved on pretty much

we all still talk, except for the furry bros / beepveep / floating magic tree (who shows up on palringo once every few months even though we've moved onto somewhere else)
sorry for ruining your teen years and glad to hear something good came out of this

we don't really check for comments either, someone linked me here otherwise i wouldn't have seen this

and yeah as many people have guessed i was blade the whole time. i was gonna suggest the whole anonymous thing at the beginning but the others leapt into it so it didn't really matter
Based on this
This was drawn after he came to our chatbox and posted nose porn apparently
This layout is messed up
I clicked back and previous over ten times wondering why it's the same picture over and over
Way to remember everything in vivid detail. Fag.
Back from Hiatus
Anyway this shit's old, and happened a while ago
Now, this is just a joke, everyone knows Rhys loves Maki-Tak, not Rufflebee
What's that bump in the middle of that guy's face?
It would be funny if none of the candidate's parents could be reached
Hetalia bullshit
Aidsan and Robotshitty apparently revived the hetalia topic
And Ace was running out of the girl's bathroom
No, I mean it's literally black with some red shit at the top
It wasn't this dark in Palringo
Actually it's partly our fault too
We used to do like a paragraph on who these people are and the retarded shit they did to wind up here. Remember the FDC awards?
What the hell this is dark