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My name is Morgan
I am going to school to become an animator. I like to play the clarinet but I suck at sight-reading music. Drawing is my best talent; although it rivals my abilities to whistle and blow air through my eye. Morgan is my name.
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I have been a lurker all this time, but I gotta say I really enjoy these comics. Even though it takes time for things to develop, I do think it's worth the wait.
lawl. He sounds like a classic internet troll.
last panel reminds me of the secret of kells movie
Byyyeeee Kaaahn!
it was tiny, but not anymore. GO ATTICUS!
lol. Demetri martin said that. XD
phew. This was really helpful. I sort of forgot all of this stuff over time. ^^;
Hey! It's the robot guy from Castle in the Sky! =D
omg... That was epic. So awesome! xD
Why is that mailbox in the middle of the woods?
Dragonthing will live! (that's my optimistic side speaking)

Dude, Dragonthing is toast xD (and there goes my pessimistic side)
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language says that estimates of total living languages in the world vary from 3,000 to 10,000.

I'm glad this comic has become so successful! It's become a favorite of mine and I look forward to it every day. I'm so happy it exists! =)
That would have been hilarious if the mt. Rushmore faces really changed. xD
Another amazing chapter. Well done!
Hehe, I like the candlestick.
I like that last rhyme.

I like the toys for tots poster. xD
Jeff pwns. The end.