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I like Naruto, webcomics, Japan, foreign countries, boys, BL, and... uh... okay.

Updated: Now I like all of the above and ponies.
MY FAVORITE JUST DANCE SONG. CX I love the arm/leg thing we have to do in the last panel. C: Great job.
January 10th, 2011
Lol, the chick with the braided hair and the skirt would be me. Love this angle!
January 10th, 2011
You don't suddenly turn the light on when someone is gaming in the dark. It just isn't done. They shriek, fall to their knees and cry out in pain: "MY EYES, I'M BURNING!!! MY EEYYYYYEEEES!!!"

Or something. Otherwise, this is slightly creepy, in that it has a cool suspense to it--and Ray without his hood...?
After so long of not seeing the old pages, this new way doesn't really make a difference.

As long as the story keeps coming then my mind will connect the lines, lol.

I should let you know
No page in the history of comics has actually really made me almost fall out of my bed laughing. You've accomplished that. Kudos to you.

This page is going to be immortalized in whatever I do.

On a side note, you've ruined pages like these forever. Every time I see a scenario like this one, the bishie's face will be rendered to this one. Thank you.

On another side note, I wish I had those eyelashes like pleeeeeease.
I automatically thought "a bitch." :/ I mean... it's probably "Abused" but... =P I'm silly...
Oh. Yay.
Way to make him feel all guilty. *loves passive aggressiveness*
Did the Hitler wannabe just say "white-boy?"


My mind boggles.
Is the most hilarious thing that has come of Aiden's mouth so far. :D Yes, I meant it like that. (Actually, I didn't, but now I do.)
"I don't like you enough to help you with farmville. Only special people get my help."

"Really? So I guess that means we can't be "it's complicated" either, huh?"
No updates anymore? TTATT
I'm Late
But this is hilarious. It makes me wish I did go as a zombie. :(

Great coloring, I love the gradients on the last two panels!

You're iPod hates flash sites? I can't even read https sites and I have a computer. :(
What about the panther?
was kind of hoping Muna would jump in...
I liked him. oAo
It's scarier than just ROAR!
Oh, you silly band of kids. Never insult a hybrid, they end up more than you can handle. =P
Silly, swords aren't for chopping wood. =P
His legion of minions
are smart, using the buddy system like that. :D